Tertiary Treated Water Connections Made Compulsary for all 1 Kanal or Bigger Houses in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has proposed to distribute tertiary treated water in the city. For the same, MC has started sending notices to those having house area of 1 Kanal or more for the intake of tertiary treated water. And as per the survey conducted by the MC, there are a total of 7100 houses with the area of 1 Kanal or above in Chandigarh.

Out of 7100 houses, 710 houses falls in Sector 21 only that has emerged as the largest number of houses with the area of 1 or more Kanal. People can use tertiary water for all purposes except drinking.

This step is being taken so as save drinking water and make sure that every household in Chandigarh gets drinking water. Drinking water will not be wasted for watering lawns, washing cars etc.

Number of big houses in each sector

MC engineering wing along with Chandigarh administration town planning department has prepared a list of houses that required tertiary treated water connection in each sector in Chandigarh. Even the checking for the laying down of tertiary treated water pipelines has also being checked in the areas.

  • 710 number of houses in Sector 21.
  • 634 houses in Sector 33.
  • 493 houses in Sector 11.
  • Whereas 585 houses are in Sector 18.
  • 419 houses in Sector 35.
  • 417 in Sector 36.
  • Sector 8 have 416 houses
  • Sector 9 have 283 such houses.

MC has found many houses of Chandigarh having a connection of tertiary treated water for the purposes like gardening or cleaning of cars and much more. Further MC wanted to replicate this idea to all such houses in Chandigarh who have an area around 1 Kanal or more.

And the current situation

The idea of using tertiary treated water will indirectly help the residents of Chandigarh to fight against water shortage during the summers. As per the MC records, almost 1500 houses in the city are presently having the connection of tertiary treated water.

And if all 7100 households start using the tertiary treated water then there will be a decrease in the usage of portable water by 20 Million gallons per day in the city. The saving of 20 million gallons of water per day will help the residents of the city during the summers when the city faces the issue of water shortage.

Make a habit to save water for future purpose and make use of tertiary treated water wherever needed.


Gurjit Kaur

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