Tesla Might Enter India Sooner Than We Think | Elon Musk In Touch With Indian Government

When Tesla introduced its new car model the Tesla 3 India was one of the countries in the list that expressed its interest in the car. Tesla has often tweeted about the car coming to India but a timeline has never been discussed. As reports suggest the launch is likely to happen soon as  Tesla has been in talks with the Indian Government.

Prime Minister’s Personal Interest To Make India Electric:

The very fact that our Prime minister has taken keen personal interest in the matter is very assuring. He visited the headquarters of Tesla in 2015 and has also announced his plans to make Indian Vehicles electric by 2030. The government’s stance can also be understood from the famous Nitin Gadkari statement that they will “bulldoze the petrol and diesel vehicles in India”.

Hurdles for Tesla to Enter India:

The government of India says it is keen to bring electric vehicles into the country but the same does not translate into its tax reforms. The Tesla cars are made of complex components in the U.S. Importing the cars through a CBU route may attract a 100% and thus is far from feasible for Tesla. According to the Indian constitution Tesla has to source 30% of the value of gods from India. The current government apparently increased the tax on hybrid vehicles by a significant margin so much so that the prices increased by 20-30 percent.

Other Brands Going The Electric Route to Rival Tesla:

Mahindra and Mahindra have announced their plans to make electric cars in India. They already have an electric car Reva to their name but it never really took off selling just a few thousand units. Moreover the extremely compact size of the vehicle limited its customer base.

Tesla Launch date in India:

The launch date for the highly awaited car brand in the Indian Subcontinent is still unknown but with the talks between Tesla and the government in the final stages we believe it will happen sooner than expected.


Ishpreet Singh

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