THC Vape Juice Tips: Enjoy Your THC Oils and Vape Pens Better

Various scientific studies conclude that the hemp plant possesses so many alkaloids, in fact, hundreds of them. The most evident of them all is THC.

The THC compound is the main component that attracts people to the drug. Reason being, the chemical offers you the ‘high’ sensation; which means, without the presence of the chemical, most people would forego using weed recreationally.

Low-quality made weed does not influence you in the way you would want, which is frustrating. Since you may want to know how you can enjoy your THC oils better, this article answers the many concerns you might have related to THC vape juice and vape pens.

What are the trends around THC?

Negative reviews from the medical fraternity could have had a significant effect on how challenging it would be, conventionally, to purchase THC and its legalization. As time goes by, however, things seem to change. Easy access to the drug is now a ‘thing,’ and the drug is becoming popular.

Besides that, another fact that will surprise you is that people no longer smoke pot. Instead, THC users are now getting fond of vaping THC, dry herbs, and other cannabis extracts.

What are the benefits of Vaping?

The most ignored reason is that you can save money with vaping. Yes, the amount you require to purchase vaping kits is less than the amount you use when buying bongs, pipes, and wraps. Furthermore, when you smoke a joint, the wrap is not recyclable.

It will burn down to ashes, and that means that you will have to wrap

a new one when you need to smoke again. For that reason, consider the price of buying a new cartridge and you will be shocked. Thing is, you can reuse it repeatedly.

Secondly, raw smoke does not burn the right amounts of THC. In essence, you will only consume 25 percent and while you vape, you will be consuming about 45 percent of THC. That 20 percent difference creates a particular distinctiveness especially if you want to numb pain.

How can you ensure that you enjoy the THC vape juice better?

The above question is a concern among many beginners who want to have some fun with the THC e juice. It always draws down to the two most essential aspects, the cannabis extracts, and vape pens.

When you have these two fundamental truths figured out, then you have the first part of the puzzle sorted.

THC/ Cannabis Extracts

Several factors come into place when you think about THC or cannabis extracts.

  1. Buy from trusted dealers, always

You should never buy from any dealer that you meet across the street. Since they want to make money, there is a possibility of getting low-quality THC. Consider doing some research first. For instance, start by noting the amount of THC in the extract before purchasing it.

Otherwise, you will notice that it will appear thin or less vicious like water once you prepare it. If you are buying the THC oil, try bending the container and note the thickness. If it does not look vicious, then avoid buying it.

  1. Prepare it well

Seasoned users love to prepare their oils properly because they can put the flavors they prefer, thicken it, and store it appropriately.

If you notice that your oil is thin, then you can add a good thickener by using a tested thickener or diluent terpenes.

  1. How you Vape it matters

Vaping allows you to measure the amount you want to consume. You do not have to consume the entire thing at once. Little hits are often the most appropriate way to do it. Avoid inhaling massive hits. It lessens the contact between the oil and the chamber.

  1. Storage

Oxygen and particular air conditions could lower the quality of your oil. To avoid these instances, purchase appropriate storage bottles that keep oxygen and external pressure from coming into contact with it.

Your storage location’s temperature should be cool and dry. Heat lowers THC content; hence, making it flat when vaping it.

Vape Pens

You will be using a medium to burn this oil. Thus, it is important to note that certain practices could lower the effectiveness of your pen. Therefore, because it is an investment, some things you should do to get good vape juice include:

  • Always keep the vape pen in its kit. Most retailers provide a package for proper pen storage. Your pocket may damage the vaporizer because it is mostly warm, and there is a chance that you could sit on it and break it
  • Understand your vape pen accurately by learning how to use it. Read the manual to understand its appropriate use. Besides that, learn to use the temperature setting. Improper use of this could harm your THC oil.
  • Keep it at full charge and only start using it after it charges to full
  • The chamber should be upside down at all times. You can also disconnect it from the pen if you are not using it

Final Thoughts

Beginners, these are things you should learn if you want to enjoy your THC oils. Ignorance will lead to damage of your pen, and decrease the value of your THC vape juice; thus, you will never get the right effect you desire when taking your THC. Those that choose to prepare their THC should be patient when learning the art. However, with time, you will become good at it.


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