The 5 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners in 2019

Golf can be really exciting and fun to play, but we all know that it can get frustrating at times. Especially if
you’re new to it and you’re still figuring out which golf club to use. Besides getting a proper outfit and a
glove, the most important part of your gear is your club. And not every club is fitted for beginners, which
makes it even harder to fully enjoy the sport. Luckily, there are clubs designed just for that, and here is a
short list of them.

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate

This set is designed for the beginners and its quality, design and forgiveness are high, while they kept the
budget in mind. This certainly is the best club for the value, there’s a bag included with lots of pockets, plus
the irons are designed to hit good shots, which makes them perfect for learning. On the bad side, however, is
that their grip is a bit thinner, but if your hands are not huge this will make a perfect fit. Especially if your
child wants to join in on the fun.

Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra

When you play golf you want to have the feeling that the expensive clubs bring, and you can do that with this Wilson set without breaking the bank. Among many others, Wilson’s clubs really make great irons for beginners and you can easily improve your game with them. What is more, these clubs are really forgiving with large sweet spots and they feel good. They are perfect for mishits, their price is reasonable, you can expect better control and accuracy due to their steel shafts and they are easy to grip.

Callaway Men’s Strata

Callaway Men’s Strata is super user-friendly and these clubs offer forgiveness with every shot you take. They
are certainly great for beginners and this set will not disappoint you. These have large sweet spots and great
feel on impact, plus they can cover you great distances and they offer consistency with the driver. Last but
not least, they provide impeccable control and the bag they come in is really easy on your shoulder.

Callaway Women’s Strata

Since more and more women are engaging in the fun games of golf, there are great beginner clubs for them
as well. With these, all the ladies can hit with confidence. What makes these perfect for women golfers is
that they have a great speed maximizing feature. This is really important because ladies have a slightly lower swing speed than men, and most clubs designed for men, have a higher swing speed. What is more, these
ladies’ clubs provide maximum forgiveness, they are easy to carry and they provide maximum impact on
slower hits.

Wilson Men’s Profile XD

These clubs are perfect for beginners and seasoned amateurs who would like to improve their game. The
quality is great and they are designed to help you learn a lot. What is more, they look great and a bit
intimidating, which can certainly boost your confidence while playing. Their design is also uniflex and can
take your game to the professional level. Not to mention how these are a bit better than the previous Wilson
set we mentioned.

When starting your golf career, whether it’s just for recreation or you want to become a professional, you have to know how to start. Besides joining the club and getting the clothes, you need to know which are the best golf clubs to use. There are dozens of clubs designed just for beginners and these few are just perfect for your start. So, don’t hesitate to invest in some of these, because they will certainly help you start in a proper way and easily improve your game. But of course, you have to practice a lot as well, but the clubs are certainly going to help you!


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