The 5 Most Played Casino Games In India

The amount of online casinos that are now available for players in India is now reached new heights and is getting more popular than ever before to play at. Of course, some games and sites are more popular than others, but when it comes to choosing a new online casino as a player from India, having all the favorite games from India in their casino library is a must.

Below is a list of all the 5 most played casino games in India, and whenever you hear one of the three words online casino India, you can be sure that the casino will have at least 1 table of each game listed below available.


The first version of roulette saw the day of light somewhere around the mid 1800th century in France. The first version of the game included an extra 00 pocket and the American version of roulette still uses the 00 pocket. This just increases the house edge while playing roulette so the European version that has numbers from 0 to 36 are by far the most popular one.

In roulette, a player places his bets on where he thinks the little white ball will land. Either it’s red, black, a number, a line, a special combination, or whatever the casino lets the players bet on. The only thing the player can do is to place their bets and hope for the best as the ball’s spin and lands in a pocket. 


Blackjack was very popular in France and Spain already in the 1600 century, and this is as far back as we can track the game. Almost all online casinos offers multiple tables of Blackjack nowadays since the popularity of the game is so high.

The object of the game is to collect cards with a value of 21 or as close as possible. If a player goes above 21 it means the player is busted and automatically loses the game, but the most important part is to get more points than the dealer to win the game. 

The card values in blackjack are;

  • Two to ten – The numerical value
  • Ace – 1 or 11 points
  • The Royals (jack, queen, king) – 10 points


Of course, online casino slots are represented at a top casino game list. These one-armed bandits are just so popular across the world, no matter if it’s online or at a real-life casino. At all casinos, a player will find hundreds of slots available, and a player will have no problem finding a theme or an interesting slot to enjoy and play for hours to end.

Nowadays, a player will find all kinds of themes in the slot section, whether it’s a celebrity-themed slot or a festive-themed slot, you can be sure that some game developer has already made it.

The huge amount of jackpots that have been paid out over the recent years in slots probably have a lot to do with why it’s getting more and more popular every year.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is basically the Indian version of the English card game 3 Card Brag, and it’s really just poker being played with 3 cards instead of 5 cards which most players are used to.

This simplified version of poker is so popular in India and the hand values are just the same in Teen Patti as in regular poker. All online casinos that cater to players from India will have at least 1 table of Teen Patti available for its customers.

Andar Bahar

When playing Andar Bahar, the player only got two options, before each round starts you either bet on Andar(left) or Bahar(right). When all players have placed their bets in a certain time the round starts. The dealer will then draw one card into the middle and the goal of the game is to predict if either Andar or Bahar gets dealt the given card first.

The dealer will then begin to deal cards to either Andar or Bahar depending on who won last round (the loser always get first card next round). Whenever one of the sides gets the card the round ends and a new betting round begins.

So, simplicity is really the key to the popularity of this game.


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