The Benefits of Step-Up SIP over Traditional SIP

The SIPs have turned out to be the most widespread choice of investors who have to invest in mutual funds. Through the fixed monthly investment in a certain amount of rupee, rupee cost averaging and the compounding effect of a long period will be achieved, which is the reason for the popularity of SIPs. However, despite SIPs having a fixed investment amount that is not the one that the investors can change. The regular SIPs are nothing but the same as the downward SIPs in the way you can invest the same amount of money that you had at the start, while the step-up SIPs, on the other hand, are something different to the step-down SIPs, indeed, allow you to increase your SIP investment amount gradually, which can be calculated using the SIP calculator

Here are some of the key benefits of choosing Step-Up SIPs over traditional SIPs: Besides, a Step-Up SIP is a more appealing choice than a conventional SIP due to the vast number of significant benefits that it possesses, which are:

Subtle Increase in the Investments

Step-Up SIPs are mainly characterized by the possibility of increasing your investment capacity progressively over time. To illustrate, you can start with ₹5,000 per month and, after a year, you can raise the amount by 10%. Thus, the penalty is implemented automatically, which results in the enforcement of discipline. The income, which has been increased due to inflation and promotions, is the reason behind the traditional SIP not seeing an increase in investments. Step-Up SIPs are the ones that put more money into investments as your earnings rise.

Powers of Compounding

Step-Up SIPs are the ones that allow your investments to compound at a faster rate because of the gradual addition of money over some time. On the contrary, a modest 10% annual increase can be a big deal in the maturity corpus of 20-30 years because of the compounding. Hence, this type of situation makes it obvious to achieve long-term financial goals, which are impossible to do with a fixed SIP amount.

Deals with Inflation Better

Usually, the traditional SIPs cannot be beaten by inflation over long periods, which results in the poor preservation of your purchasing power. Step-Up SIPs do not only allow you to save money but also to increase investment amounts by 8-10% yearly, which helps you to counteract inflation. This preserves the ‘authentic value’ of your money.

Higher Wealth Creation

As per an analysis, on a person-to-person savings-investment of ₹50,000 per year for 30 years and assuming 12% per annum returns, a traditional SIP will be worth ₹2.65 Crores on maturity. Nevertheless, the annual Step-Up SIP increase of 10% leads to a maturity corpus of ₹5.38 Crores. The increased wealth creation is the source of financial stability and security for the long term.

Better Rupee Cost Averaging

With the aid of Step-Up SIP, SIP instalments are increased, hence, you can accumulate more units when markets fall. Thus, the overall average unit buying cost is reduced which helps you to get higher returns when the markets recover. Annual raises also guarantee you to save and invest higher amounts regularly.

Affordable and Convenient

The periodic SIP increase is generally a reasonable income percentage (5-10%). This makes sure that no income/cash-flow problems are occurring. Besides, the automated method implies that you won’t have to do anything as the instalment increases are system-driven. This is why Step-Up SIPs are an easy, disciplined savings mechanism and the same can be calculated via Set-Up SIP calculator.

Although the traditional SIPs are good during the accumulation phase, the Step-Up SIPs are better at beating inflation, creating long-term wealth, and providing convenience. Through the systematic allocation of higher amounts, Step-Up SIPs make the returns rise using aggressive compounding and rupee cost averaging. Thus, they are the wiser option for young people to reach their future financial aspirations


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