No Pollywood, No Bollywood, Satinder Sartaaj is Playing the Role of a Maharaja in Hollywood Movie The Black Prince

Punjabi Singer turned actor Satinder Sartaj is all set to begin his filmy career from Hollywood movie titled as ‘The Black Prince. Yes, it’s absolutely true that the singing Sartaj is coming up with his new Hollywood Movie. Nor in Pollywood neither in Bollywood, but Satinder Sartaj has bagged a lead role in a Hollywood movie ‘The Black Prince’. Being a Punjabi Singer, it’s a moment of proud for all Punjabis that Satinder Sartaj will be featured in one of the Hollywood movies.

About Satinder Sartaj ‘The Black Prince’

‘The Black Prince’, the name itself reveals that Satinder Sartaj will play a role of the prince in the movie. The story of the movie ‘The Black Prince’ is based on the true story of the last king of the kingdom of Punjab. Maharajah Duleep Singh was given the throne at the age of 5 after the death of his father Maharaja Ranjit Singh. At the age 15, the Britishers tore him away from his mother and took him to England. The moment he was introduced to Queen Victoria, she started liking him and called him ‘The Black Prince’. Then he was taught about Christianity and baptised, that changed his life forever.

After 13 years, he met his mother and was awakens to the realities of his earlier life in Punjab. After that, he began the journey to regain all his lost and re-embrace the faith of Sikhism. The character of Maharaja Duleep Singh was torn into 2 cultures and faces constant dilemmas. And the whole story depicts the lifelong struggle of ‘The Black Prince’ to regain his kingdom.

Cast and Crew of movie ‘The Black Prince’

Cast of ‘The Black Prince- Satinder Sartaj as Maharajah Duleep Singh, Shabana Azmi as Maharani Jinda, Jason Flemyng as Dr James Login, Amanda Root as Queen Victoria, Ranjit Singh Shubh as Thakur Singh Sandhawalia, Ameet Chana as Inspector Aziz-ud-din, David Essex as Col. Hubron and many more.

Written and Directed by- Kavi Raz

Releasing date- 21st July 2017 globally

Official trailer of The Black Prince

Highlights of ‘The Black Prince’ 

Satinder Sartaj has not only being featured in ‘The Black Prince’ movie, but he has many other contributions in the movie as well. In the movie ‘The Black Prince’, Satinder Sartaj will be sharing the screen with the famous Indian actress ‘Shabana Azmi’.

  • Along with Satinder Sartaj, Shabana Azmi has also been featured in the movie in the character of Sartaj’s mother.
  • The movie consists of very few dialogues in the Punjabi language, as the full movie dialogues have been recorded in English.
  • ‘The Black Prince’- the Hollywood movie featuring Satinder Sartaj will not be dubbed in the Punjabi language.
  • Satinder Sartaj has also pen down the lyrics of the songs in ‘The Black Prince’.
  • Before its release, ‘The Black Prince’ movie has made it to many film festivals like Houston World-Fest, London Independent Film Festival and so on.

Satinder Sartaj’s ‘The Black Prince’ will be releasing worldwide on 21st July 2017. As it has gained a lot of popularity with its poster only, we expect that the movie will also impress the audience on silver screen. team wishes a huge success to ‘The Black Prince’ movie and hope to see Sartaj as a lead actor in Bollywood and Punjabi cinema as well.

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