The Code Fitness, Chandigarh

The Code Fitness, Chandigarh – as the name suggest is a gym where you can decode your health & fitness secrets. Located in the heart of the city beautiful in Sector-8 Chandigarh, this gym has proved its mark. Dedicated to hardcore fitness freaks, The Code Fitness in Chandigarh is one of the best gyms in the tricity. Working for a total well-being from body toning, strength, physique, relaxation, dance & mind rejuvenation, The Code Fitness has it all at its Sector 8 gym outlet.

Services at The Code Fitness, Chandigarh:

  • Gym & Cardio
  • Sauna, Spa & Steam
  • Strength Training
  • Kickboxing
  • Personal Training
  • Body Toning

The Code Fitness Chandigarh Contact Details:

The Code Fitness, Chandigarh

Address: SCO 45-48, Sector 8-C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh.

Contact No: 01725005333, 01725001333




Special Classes at The Code Fitness

  • Group Fitness – This is an exclusive thing of The Code Fitness, Chandigarh. Get ready to give a push to your health in a group of fitness freaks. This domain covers mainly fitness through following 6 aspects – Hip Hop, Functional Fitness, Core N More, Cardio/ Strength Circuit, Boot Camp Express, Zumba.
  • Spinning– The Code Fitness, Chandigarh is among the very few handful of gyms in the city having special spinning classes which mainly focuses on sports fitness.
  • Body Toning- Get ready to chisel your body and sizzle your looks with special workouts for each muscle.
  • Kickboxing- Those kicks and punches give you the ideal push to be always ahead in your life, safeguard your strength and have the perfect boost in your energy levels.
  • CXWORX- This is again very unique program of The Code Fitness, Chandigarh. This is a special regime which covers set of exercises for developing an ideal core strength i.e. having an ideal strength in the area between your upper thighs and shoulders.
  • Pilates-  The Code Fitness, Chandigarh is among those few gyms that provide exclusive Pilates classes from qualified trainers.
  • Workout Of The Day- This gym shares a special set of daily exercises to boost up your energy levels under the board name ‘Workout Of The Day’.
  • Machine Exercises- All the machine exercises here are class apart because of the best machinery at the place. The Code Fitness, Chandigarh has one of the world’s best machines imported from Precor USA.


Lockers makes keeping up with your daily fitness goals very easy. The Code Fitness gym based in Chandigarh has got lockers so that you don’t have to carry your gym routines like towels, hand gloves, belts, track pants and supplements to your home and get them back the next day.


A good fitness workout never works if you don’t eat right. Highly qualified Nutritionists will guide you through the diet and supplements you need to achieve your fitness goals.


Highly qualified trainers are available at The Code Fitness gym round the clock to guide you into the intricacies of working out on each aspect of your health. From muscle building to being a fitness model to having a general good physique, the trainers at this gym know exactly how to take you through.

The Code Fitness Gym Membership Fee:

Gym membership fee at The Cide Fitness Chandigarh includes all the classes and services mentioned above. They have a complete package divided into 3 month, 6 month and yearly options. Click below to know more.

Click Here for Quartely Membership Fee

Quarterly Membership Fee = Rs. 14,000.

It is for 3 months.

Click Here for Half Yearly Membership Fee

Half Yearly Membership Fee = Rs. 18,000.

It is for 6 months.

Click Here for Yearly Membership Fee

Yearly Membership Fee = Rs. 24,000.

It is for complete 1 Year.

  • Free trial is available also at The Code Fitness, Sector 8 which helps you decide about buying a membership.
  • Discounts: There are no fixed discounts but timely attractive discounts are always available for different categories of people. You can check their Facebook updates page or their website to know about ongoing discounts.

Workout Methodology at The Code Fitness, Chandigarh

The Code Fitness, Chandigarh has a unique methodology of working which is basically the reason of their success. They focus on a 4 way fitness methodology which is:

  • Analyze your goal- For any fitness regime, you need to first decide what you want to be as in a fitness model or a bulked up builder, heavy-weight champion or something else, you need a clear mindset.
  • Work Hard- Once you decide your goal, you have to work hard to achieve it.
  • Improve Your Performance- Not only working hard is necessary, smart work is the key. You have to compete with yourself and achieve higher.
  • Achieve the Goal- If you work hard and smart, just the work remains is to cherish the victory over yourself.

The Code Fitness gym gives you an overall fitness vibes as soon as you step in. Fitted with World’s No. 1 Machines and Equipment from Precor USA & state of the art interiors along with a big space makes it stand out. Go and visit The Code Fitness in Sector 8 Chandigarh to check it out yourself!

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