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In today’s fast paced and tech savvy world, every business needs to market, sell and deliver their products and services online.  There are many tool to help funnel online sales.  There are a lot of websites that offer offers already built funnels catering specifically to their business, product or service. The old and traditional online funnelling meant going through a series of websites, links, landing pages, and email automations interconnected to work in sync. There are websites and companies that offers all this in one package collectively. Every business need is different and every successful business caters to a specific consumer need.

In the fast paced world of internet, a simple tool that simplifies sales and marketing funnels for all types of businesses can be a game changer. There are different funnels for subscription sites, webinars, sales, gaming sites, educational sites, non profit sites etc. Users can match the pre-built sales funnels that best suits their business interests. These sales funnels are safe, fast, easy to implement and well organized. The sales funnel creation tools can be integrated easily with your landing pages, websites or any domain. Some companies offers heavy discount on these tools. One can also avail a 14 day trial package, and reach your customers to sell more products and definitely earn more money.

Let us take the example of cycling sunglasses. We all want to look good while we cycle and sunglasses as accessory add much need style and glamour apart from bike helmet, kit, socks and shoes. Eye protection is as much important as looking good. There are several things that need to be considered while selecting the perfect pair of sunglass. One can always wear a casual pair of sunglasses while cycling but it is recommended to get a cycling specific sunglasses for your cycle rides. Sunglasses provide protection to eyes from harmful UV Rays. Also, it keeps the debris, dust particles, mud, rain droplets and at times tiny insects away from the eyes. Cyclists travel in different terrains and especially during the summer. For people who wear contact lenses, it becomes even more important for them to wear sunglasses while cycling. The eye are protected against wind and keeps the eyes moist. It is surprising to note that almost 0.2 million people go blind yearly due to prolonged UV exposure worldwide.

Now as a website selling these cycling sunglasses, we would want to reach the right customer, the potential buyer. A potential buyer would either be a leisure rider, professional cyclist or could be a new cyclist. All these would definitely need a pair of right cycling sunglasses. Their other interests may more or less match the potential buyer profile of the sales funnel. Entry into the sales funnel can be inbound or intrusive. What is of importance here is that the person completes the journey of purchase and becomes a regular customer. To setup the funnel for this type of a customer it is crucial for the company to understand and profile the potential and existing buyers as per their online activity. They need to be selectively targeted and re-targeted to the point of conversion.

The top of the funnel that is the website visit by the potential buyer, reading reviews and blogs is just a part of it. The drip of the funnel or the success of the sales funnel will be the successful shipment of the sunglass order and probably posting of a good review by the buyer online. Similarly, for other products categories too, there are different kinds of sales funnels and different kinds of potential buyers. The funnels for products like books, medicines, games, electronics, grocery, movie tickets, apparels etc. would be different but it is not necessary that they will be unrelated. Such as the sales funnel for games could be a bit similar to movie tickets sales funnels. Both the potential buyer could be looking for entertainment at a click. They might be searching or scrolling the internet for movie reviews, game reviews new releases of games, new releases of movies, new game titles, new movie titles and their respective reviews. Such a person could be searching for movie named Reservoir Dogs and the game site Bodog India. The funnels could attract the internet user and might lead into a successful conversion. User would either end up registering on the gaming site or end up buying or streaming the movie online.


Ajay Deep

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