The Fundamentals of Sports Betting

Are you a beginner sports bettor in Pennsylvania? Learn the basics of sports betting and find a list of the best online casino apps in PA.

What You Need to Know About Sports Betting

At a basic level, sports betting follows a simple procedure. You predict the outcome of an event, wager money accordingly then win or lose depending on the actual outcome of the event. However, before you risk your money and perhaps try out a Pennsylvania online casino, here are a few things to learn.

This guide is sectioned into these subtopics

Introduction to Sports Betting

Sports betting started way before casino apps PA or any contemporary form of sports betting. Throughout history, sports betting has maintained a highly controversial status. Though its origin has remained untraced, it is believed to be as old as sports. Like every other form of gambling, it involves staking money or valuables at the predicted result of an event, which in the case of sports betting is the result of two or more teams in a sports competition. It is arguably the easiest form of gambling for a beginner. It requires the gambler to have a good knowledge of sports, risk management and beginner-friendly casino apps. However, beyond this, there are some critical questions to ask yourself:

  •       Can you afford to lose some money?
  •       Are you susceptible to addictions?
  •       Do you consistently watch out for trends in sports?
  •       Are you good at taking risks?

If you answered No to the first question, you might need to rethink your decision to participate in sports betting; however, if you answered Yes but have a positive answer to question two, you may still not be qualified to join this train. Those are the very tricky questions of the four. With these metrics, if you are verified as good to go, we move to the question of how to get started. You only need an article as detailed as this and an online casino app which can be downloaded. Complement those with a resolve to learn along the process, with minimal risk and wagers, and you are good to go. This article will give you the essential information required to get off to a good start.

Forms of Sports Betting

There are two forms of sports betting. There is the online sports betting option and the land-based casino alternative. Below is a comparison of both options for your perusal.

s/n Point of Divergence Land-based Casinos Online Casinos
1. Variety Land-based casinos are limited in the availability of varieties. They mainly cover major sports events and only a few additional sports. Several online gambling casinos cover a more comprehensive range of sports and events. There is at least one PA casino online for every professionally played sport covering every event; obscure, minor, or significant.
2. Ease of Use and Accessibility This form of Casino is limited in accessibility. They are mostly only accessible to residents of the areas where they operate. They are not operational round the clock and are prone to human-induced errors. Online casinos in Pennsylvania offer more open access; you only need to run the app download process. This option is, however, rigged against players who are not internet savvy or have no internet-enabled device.

Usually, for people with internet-enabled devices, the service is offered round the clock with ease of use.

3. Susceptibility to Addiction Due to the difficulty encountered using the land-based casino, the addiction rate is less than in PA gambling apps. The ease of use and accessibility improves the chances of addiction among online players.
4. Added Service Offerings Most Land-based casinos strictly offer betting services with no promotional, educative features to upsell their services. Online casino Pennsylvania offer several added benefits to users. Pa casino apps offer regular betting tips, blog posts to help players, industry trends, cashback on losses, signup bonuses, prize draws/competitions, wagering leaderboards and even tickets to sports events.

Online Sports Betting Recommended Sites

We make our recommendations based on the quality of service, user ratings, added features, ease of use and reports from veteran ranking sites. UNIBET, DraftKings and Sugarhouse casino app Android are some industry-leading brands. Some of the best available apps for download from the Google Play store are BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, and Parx Casino app. Meanwhile, due to the restrictions on iPhone, the only available PA online casino apps available for direct download are BetMGM PA app download and Draftkings. You’d find many of these PA Casinos online apps on Parx casino app store.


Restrictions on  gambling and casino activities in Pennsylvania  are mild. PA online casino apps are primarily legal, although many online casino apps suffer restrictions on the App Store. Additionally, betting in any sports can fetch you money. Your choice of sport to gamble should be determined by your knowledge of the sports.

So, with heads held high you can now grace the online sports gambling scene in Pennsylvania. Make a pick from the list of best online casinos in this article and get on to your first game.


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