The Guide To Betting Exchange in India

Exchange betting can’t be considered as a new way to bet any more. It’s still surprising to find out that it’s popular despite being there for more than a decade. Bookmakers dislike it because it completely takes them out of the picture.

Even though exchange betting is popular, some parts of the world are still new, and most people don’t understand the betting exchange. Often, most people ask how betting exchange works and which countries are popular with it. Here is a guide that will help you to know more about betting exchanges.

The history of exchange betting

The introduction of exchange betting happened before the century turned. Most gambling sites started offering this new concept of sports betting. The first introduction of exchange betting was launched in the United Kingdom.

Exchange betting is revolutionary and straightforward. Bookmakers dislike it because it allows individuals to bet among themselves. Individuals agree on the odds and put a bet between themselves using an online platform for betting exchange.

How to look for the best exchange betting in India.

Check on the operator comparison when looking for the best betting exchange site to use. The operator comparison compares and contrasts every betting exchange in India so that it’s easy to find a site that suits you according to the sports you bet on.

Betting exchange checks.

Before the top betting exchange in India is revealed, a bettor must think about how safe the sites are. Since cash is deposited in these sites and one has to film his personal information when registering for an account, it’s essential to look for a site that you can trust with all that information. The following are things to check before any betting exchange in India.

Full licensing: Most people will ask if online gambling is legal in India. Then they should know that it’s very legal, but one has to be sure of that by checking if the operator is fully licensed before signing up for any of their services. The sites should take their licenses from high authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority or UK Gambling Commission.

Secured website: All betting sites must handle their customer’s personal information responsibly. This information is always kept in a bookmaker’s privacy policy. But then, it’s recommended to find a site that secures their customer’s data in full SSL-level encryption.

Safe payment methods: Real money betting should be secure and straightforward in all best betting exchanges. The best site should give their customers a variety of payment methods for depositing and withdrawing cash. Such payment methods should include credit cards, prepaid cards, debit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets.

Customer support: Nothing is more irritating than not communicating with the bookmaker’s customer care team. A good betting site should have a helpful and responsive customer service team. Knowing if the site’s customer care team is responsive, the customer should ask betting exchange questions frequently.

Transparent odds: While betting against other bettors at a betting exchange site in India, bettors should make sure not to bet on anything less than transparent and fair odds. The commission fee for betting exchange should also not be too high that they start eating the winnings of a customer.

How the top betting exchange is rated and assessed in India

How is the best betting exchange site picked in India? A detailed operator comparison based on independent expert review is made to every sports betting site in India. The following are the tests carried out in every review.

Bonuses: A research is done on the welcome bonuses offered to new customers when they sign up to a betting site for the first time.

Customer support: Most loved betting sites are the ones that offer 24-hour customer support through contact methods like email, live chat and telephone.

Sports bets: Sports bets offered are compared at each site and look at the number of sports betting markets available during a major sport event.

Payments: A betting site should offer a wide range of safe payment methods like MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Neteller.

Casino games: Most betting sites have a casino gaming section and will update the player on what kind of table games and slots each operator features.

Reasons to use a betting exchange.

Better odds: The main reason why most sports fans prefer using a betting exchange is that they offer superior odds than sportsbooks. The reason why the odds are excellent is due to how sports fans bet against each other; thus, there is a fantastic range of odds offered.

Flexibility: Betting exchanges offer a tremendous amount of flexibility. It’s so interesting to check on the kind of odds other sports fans have come up with. By checking that, the player will have the option of laying the bets of other sports fans. The player can also enjoy combining bets and can even get better odds by taking out a draw from a bet.

Betting margin: A bookmaker imposes no betting margin. All betting margins relate to how the odds are made, and they make sure that the bookmaker gains some profit.

Quick tips for betting exchange

Difficult for newcomers: Even if betting exchange offers a great value, it’s important to note that such betting sites are not a good option if a client is new to sports betting. The new client will want to know how the odds are calculated and want to understand how to back and lay the sports bet.

Finding the best betting exchange in India.

Suppose you have always been asking about the best betting exchange site. In that case, the above comparison service will help you to see how all the betting sites in India are competing to give their customers better odds and satisfying service. All the essential things on how to look for a betting exchange in India have also been discussed. Using all the recommendations in this article, you will enjoy the backing and laying on a sports bet.


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