The Most Popular TED Talks Perfomances

We have always loved and cherished individuals with great charisma and brilliant ideas. Ideas that are captivating and worth sharing, so whenever we are opportune to hear them speak, we always listen with keen attention.  These individuals are people who have excelled in their chosen profession, and have also gained lots of experience and knowledge in such given profession. They could be intellectuals, academia’s, entertainers, bureaucrats and technocrats, religious leaders and lots more. These group of individuals are most times great orators who are skilled in the act of disseminating information, in such a way and manner that makes it understandable to their audience. Now over time conferences, symposiums, seminars, and lectures have been organized and these group of individuals invited to speak to the audience in attendance. One of such conferences and symposiums is the “TED talk”. 

TED talk which was founded thirty-eight years ago, precisely 23 February 1984 by Harry Marks and Richard Saul Wurman. Since its inception TED (Technology Entertainment, Design) has been held annually. Its headquarters is in New York America and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. TED talk is a recorded talk show that is released online for free streaming and watching. Initially it limited the topics for discussion to only technology related topics, but as the years went by it has now adopted a wider approach, considering topics bothering on arts, culture, entertainment, politics.  The TED talk since its inception have had notable keynote speakers such as the former world richest man and windows developer Bill Gates, former American president Bill Clinton, owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos, the current world richest man Elon Musk, the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, and also religious leaders such as Billy Graham and Pope Francis. TED talk is always made available to the public, so watching and listening to it is never an issue. You can stream TED talk on their YouTube channel, TED talk is always available on Netflix, TED mobile apps, smart television and smart speaker apps, ROKU, fire television and their official website site. Now if you are in certain regions or countries, these platforms might be a bit difficult to access due to governmental registration. So it is advisable you install a VPN on other to gain access to these platforms and also unblock websites of TED talk if you can’t access it from your region. We can’t talk about the TED talk without discussing the most memorable TED talk performances. So let’s talk about a few of them and they include the following 

YOUR BODY LANGUAGE MAY SHAPE WHO YOU ARE: This speech was given by Amy Cuddy who is a renowned social psychologist. She opined that our body language not only affects us, it also affects how other see and react to us. So according to her if we stand in a less confident way, it   goes a long way in demonstrating out lack of confidence in our self. This will make people perceive us to be timid, shy, and even docile. So, she encouraged individuals to start adopting the power pose, which is confident and assertive. This particular TED talk conference was held in June 2012. 

DO SCHOOLS KILL CREATIVITY: This TED talk was given by an educator, who also happens to be an author Sir Ken Robinson. He was of the opinion that schools are stifling and killing the creativity propensity in children. He advocated for institutional reform in the educational sector that will change our academic culture thereby helping children to reach their full creativity potential in the long run. Sir Robinson also stated that there should an acknowledgement of the existence of multiple intelligence inherent in children. These children should be allowed to stretch their level of creativity to its boundaries especially the curious and inquisitive ones. This particular TED talk conference was held in February 2006. It was considered a success because it brought to the limelight the flaws in our educational sectors and also suggested proactive steps that can be taken to remedy it.

THE POWER OF VULNERABILITY: Brenē Brown was the keynote speaker in this particular year’s TED talk conference. In this conference she took her time to highlight the noble qualities of love, empathy, and kindness. She started that we all have these qualities inherent in us, but unfortunately, we most times force ourselves to suppress these emotions. And the reason being that we don’t want to be seen as being vulnerable. We fear and abhor the feeling of being vulnerable because we think that it makes us weak, which is actually wrong and also the direct opposite. The vulnerability actually makes us powerful because, it takes great power and courage to love another human being and empathize and identify with their struggles. 

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: Tony Robbins in the TED talk conference took the audience and the public on a roller coaster ride diving deep into what influences our individual decision. According to him man has six significant needs that affects both decisions making, attainment of goals, and general outlook. This need includes the following certainty, significance, variety, love or connection, growth and contribution. Tony Robbins was of the opinion that these basic human needs are all inherent in us. They only difference now become how we prioritize them. Furthermore, he also highlighted that both genders respond to these needs differently. For example, a man will do almost anything to be or feel significant while in the other hand a woman might do anything to be loved. 

POWER OF INTROVERTS: This TED talk topic was handled by Susan Cain. She gave an in-depth analysis on the power of introverts 


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