The State Library Victoria to Open Start Space – A New Coworking Facility

The State Library, Victoria has been a safe haven for readers and knowledge seekers since ages. But with rapidly changing demands, the State Library Victoria in Melbourne has decided to cater to the needs of new genaration. For this purpose, they have teamed up with Start Space to open a new coworking space in their premises. Projects like these reflect a major shift in employment trends and their social effects. Since there will be a possible disappearance of almost five million jobs within the next 15 years in Australia. Therefore, support to startup companies is almost crucial to for economic balance and its a positive step towards that direction.

In this coworking space, entrepreneurs will also get access to mentoring and networking opportunities. Further, State Library, Victoria has also planned to expand its services for family-friends oriented activities and podcasting equipment. This expansion aims to meet the demands of the constantly evolving community. This is an $88.1 million project majorly funded by the Victorian government. This will promote digital literacy and embrace the latest technologies.

More about the Start Space and Vision 2020

The start space is a part of the vision 2020 project which will transform the State Library. This coworking space’s major investor is an Australian businesswoman Christine Christian. She donated $2 million for the development of Smart Space. The main motive of this expansion is to support and encourage creative endeavours of the people of Victoria. This coworking space will be on the ground floor of the library. This facility will be replacing the Trescowthick Information Center. Moreover, there will be three more courtyards designed for lounging, collaborating and children at this new coworking space in Melbourne

Moreover, in Start Space apart from training and guidance, the entrepreneurs will have access to hot desks. Also, the State Library provides meeting and conference rooms to cater to the business needs of the budding entrepreneur. Further, the constant informative events and talks will help the members to stay informed and enlightened. Coworking spaces like these empower new entrepreneurs for shaping their ideas into reality.


Adity Chakraborty

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