The Town Boys by A-Jay Punjabi Song – Official Video

A new Punjabi Song – The town boys by A-Jay has been released and the official video on youtube is worth a watch. The town boys has been sung by A-Jay feat. Priyanka Bhardwaj and LOC. Peepy and dancing number ‘The town boy’ has been loved by all the Punjabis. And in just 1 day of its release, the video has crossed 1 million views on Youtube. Video of the new Punjabi track has been conceptualised by D Major.

Not only the Punjabi song ‘The town boy’ is mesmerising but the video is also equally amazing. One can’t control their themselves to dance to the beats of ‘The town boy’ song. The video of the new Punjabi track ‘The town boy’ also dances on the rhythm of the song.

The Town Boy Punjabi Song

Latest Punjabi song by A-Jay starts with ‘Koi kehenda honey, koi kehenda khand ni, koi tenu akkhe chaudni da chann ni’. And the catchy line of the song is like ‘tere peeche peeche ghummde ne, ni munde mere town de, mude mere town de.

Punjabi Song 'The Town Boy'

Singers: A-Jay feat Priyanka Bharadwaj and LOC

Music: G Skillz

Lyrics: A-Jay

Label and Video by: VS Records

Concept by: D Major

The video of the the town boys by A-Jay depicts a boy, who is appraising the beauty of the girl by comparing her to some priceless things and saying that all the boys of my town roam around you just because you are the most beautiful girl of the town.

Video of The Town Boy Song (A-Jay)

Click the play button and make your body move to the music of ‘The town boy’ song. Do the bhangra or hip-hop, it’s upon you but your feet will automatically follow the music of the track.

‘The town boy’ is another Punjabi track that can be in the list of your Punjabi party tracks. So raise the volume of your music system ad enjoy latest A-Jay’s song ‘The town boy’. MP3 of The Town Boys – Tere piche piche ghumde ne, munde mere town de ni munde mere town de can be downloaded from leading website like Mr-Jatt and others.

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