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Thefts Outside Punjab University’s Examination Halls, Students Found Their Valuables Missing

Panjab University’s never ending problems have become a major concern for the administration. First, it was the fee hike protest, then the fire incident at the administration block and now thefts outside the examination halls. The students appearing for the exams at Panjab University have claimed that their valuables have been stolen.

The students appearing for exams at Panjab University are not allowed to carry anything inside the examination hall. The have to leave their bags and other items outside the examination hall. After their exam gets over they find that their valuables are missing.

Thefts Outside Examination Halls At Panjab University 

A lot of students lost their valuable from outside the examination hall. One of the students who lost her important and expensive valuables filed a police complaint. She said that when she came out from the examination hall in the economics department she did not find her bag. Her bag had two smartphones including an Apple iPhone and other important things. She faced a lot of problems as her bag also had her ID proofs, study notes and her hostel’s room keys.

Some other students appearing for exams at other examination halls found their valuables missing. Mostly the mobile phones have been stolen from the bags lying outside the examination halls.

No Provision Of CCTV Cameras At Panjab University 

The students are flared up since they found that their valuables got missing from outside the examination halls. It will be difficult to catch the thieves as there are no CCTV cameras installed outside the examination halls. The students of the Panjab University have asked the administration to install the CCTV cameras in every department.

Economics Department’s chairperson outrightly disavowed for the valuables of the students. He said that there were no such cases in the past few years and the last they heard about such cases were about 15-20 years ago.

The students of the Panjab University are exasperated and said they would write a letter regarding the same to the university’s Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar.

Source: The Tribune 


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