There is No Risk of Failure When You Are Promoting With Yatendra Meghwal’s Pen India Digital

Imagine a boy 21 years of age who is already a successful owner of a company, making a mark in the ever so famous digital world too. Will it be surprising? Well, for some, it may be, but for many who know how he has come this far, it’s not! Himself being a youngster, he gives a platform to budding artists through his company ‘Artist Mine Music’.

From where does this passion and drive comes to Yatendra is the question and the answer comes easy – the motive and the aim to do something bigger and better in everything that he also does something that does well to others too that showcases not only his but talent of others too. Such a great thought at such a young age.

Yatendra doesn’t stop at this. His dreams are even more significant than what we can think of him. He has recently started a new business on the digital platform. Guess, marketing which is his favourite subject, was not in school though but definitely in his career because the speed with which he is promoting new talent through his music company there’s no doubt of him even exceeding in developing great stuff on the digital platform too.

He is all set to promote his clients on various platforms like YouTube, other platforms to make his clients more popular than ever with his digital marketing skills.

Yatendra’s “Pen India Digital” company will be doing start to end promotion activities for his clients that too with an expert team. He aspires to do promotions all over the virtual world. Covering all social media and all digital platforms there is, he is leaving no stone unturned while wanting to do this at a Pan India level.

Yatendra has already carved his name in the music industry with his music company ‘Artist mine music’ and now his hunger to do more and more work has brought him into digital media as well. This diligence, perseverance, hard work all have been Yatendra’s way of life and yet he never stops dreaming.

He already has good work experience of managing celebrities and doing celebrity promotions and has worked with many celebs in the past and this he shall take forward through his new venture Pen India Digital too. Often in life, we lose hope thinking we can’t do this or we can’t follow our passion because either we are too young or too old, but Yatendra teaches us that age has nothing to do with what you love doing and generation has nothing to do with dreams.

The most important thing that this young man has taught us is that if we can dream it, we can do it and we can surely achieve it. Google Yatendra now or follow him on Facebook & Instagram to know this young Entrepreneur and his new venture, Pen India Digital. It will be worth it!!



Bharti is a young media journalist from Chandigarh. With a Mass Comm degree from a reputed college, Bharti is always keen to learn new things. She works with a leading newspaper and serves as a contributing author at Chandigarh Metro.
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