Thieves in Chandigarh Have Fantasy With a Particular Type of Car & Scooter – Here’s What Data Reveals

A recent data with the Chandigarh Police shows that car thieves too have favourites when it comes to steal two and four wheeler. One of the most admired and sold SUVs in the country — Mahindra Bolero and one of the most sold non-gear Scooters — Honda Activa are also the most stolen vehicles among two-wheeler and four-wheeler, respectively in Chandigarh, the city beautiful.

This was first published in a report by Times of India.

What does the Data reveal?

According to information, from January to December 2016, the count of four-wheeler stolen in Chandigarh was 170. With 31 Mahindra Bolero jeeps stolen from different parts of the city, the SUV was car-thieves’ first choice. The SUV was followed by 37 Maruti make cars. Some of the other cars that attracted thieves’ fancy were Hyundai Verna and Toyota Innova with 13 and 9 cars were stolen respectively in 2016.

Among two-wheeler, 642 vehicles were stolen last year out of which 127 were Honda Activa.

Vehicle Thefts in Chandigarh This Year

The data shows that from January 1 to May 31, 2017, 32 four-wheeler and 227 two-wheelers have been stolen from different parts of Chandigarh. This year too, out of 227 stolen two-wheeler, 82 are Honda Activa.

The Police is leaving no stone unturned to arrest the thieves and recover the stolen vehicles. The police claims that in 2016 by arresting 145 vehicle lifters they were able to recover 232 two-wheeler and 66 four-wheeler. Till June, 2017 the police have recovered 54 vehicles after arresting 41 auto-lifters.

Alert crime cell

The vigilant crime branch officials of the Chandigarh Police are making all the efforts to bring down crime rate especially the vehicle theft cases in the city.  The teams have busted large active gangs in 2016 and made substantial recoveries from them. The branch recovered 109 vehicles last year and till May 31 it has successfully recovered 51 vehicles.

Who are the thieves?

According to Chandigarh police department, most of the gangs involved in stealing four-wheeler are based out of the city, whereas those lifting two-wheeler are from the city itself. It also maintains that the active gangs involved in two-wheeler theft comprise youngsters who are drug addicts and snatchers, while those involved in car and jeep theft are experienced and well-trained thieves as sophisticated equipment are used to steal four wheeler because these vehicles are equipped with numerous safety features.

How can we avert the theft in Chandigarh?

  • Using gear lock in a four-wheeler can provide addition security.
  • Tyre lock in two-wheeler offers additional security to the vehicle from being driven away.
  • Installing high-security locking system in the car can send immediate alerts in case of theft.
  • Installing a mobile tracking system in the car assists in enhancing the security of your vehicle. In the case of theft, this device can easily track the location of the vehicle via GPS and you can easily turn off the engine of your vehicle from the registered mobile whenever you want.

Source: Times of India


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