Things to Do After Buying a new Oppo Phone

When you take off the smartphone from the box itself, you get an exhilarating experience. It doesn’t matter if you have unboxed a dozen of smartphones before, but the experience is exhilarating every time. People often buy Oppo smartphones as they have the best custom text oppo cases available in the market. When it comes to the Oppo smartphones, we often get the best unboxing experience, as the company always keeps the smartphones in neat packaging and provides goodies. 

But when you take the new Oppo smartphone in your hands, it’s always formatted and doesn’t come with many utilities. You have to customize the device install the new applications, and make it usable for your daily requirements. But what to do after buying a new Oppo phone is the question that many of our readers are aware of. That’s why in this post, we will share detailed information on things you should do after buying a new Oppo phone for your personal use. 

Setting Up a New Oppo Phone 

#1 – Sign in to Google Accounts 

Google is the best way to synchronize all your smartphone data through the cloud. With the Google Sign-in, all your data from the previous Android smartphone gets synced with the new device seamlessly. The contacts, call history, browsing history, passwords, apps, Wi-Fi passwords, and many other things are synced automatically. So, It’s essential to sign in to your Google Account on your new Oppo phone to start synchronizing everything. The process makes it easier to set up your smartphone per your likings. 

#2 – Check for Updates 

After the initial setup, you are greeted on the welcome screen. The home screen is pretty blank as there is nothing but the default applications. But before you do anything, you have to check for the software updates. Oppo is pretty good at providing updates to smartphone users with various features, improvements, and even bug fixes. In such cases, checking for software updates is essential thing you can do. If the updates are available, you will find the notification for the same, or you can check manually through the settings app. 

#3 – Remove Bloatware 

It’s pretty sad to see that many smartphone manufacturers, including Oppo, are providing bloatware in smartphones. There’s nothing wrong with providing sponsored apps, but the companies are promoting pretty useless apps, which is why they are known as bloatware. If you find any useless app on the Oppo phone, you should immediately uninstall the same. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple, and you can uninstall it just like any other app. But in case the apps are not removable, you can either disable them or remove them from the ADB interface. 

#4 – Enable Find My Device

Losing your new phone is nothing but a nightmare turning into a Reality. If you don’t want to live this nightmare, then it’s time to turn ON Find My Device. This feature makes it easier to track your device if it’s been lost or stolen. With precise tracking, the police and even you can reach the device and retrieve it. It’s one of the most important parts of setting up the device that everyone should perform. 

#5 – Set up Backup 

You don’t want to lose your precious data to silly mistakes or device issues. So, setting up the Android device backup will help you keep the data safe. It’s all about Enabling the Backup option in the device settings. All the data will be backed up to Google Drive, and you can easily restore the same next time whenever you want. Just go to the “Settings > System > Backup” and enable the same, and everything will be backed up within a few minutes. After that, it’s smooth sailing with your device. 

Final Words 

Oppo phones are nothing different regarding the devices from the Android ecosystem. You just have to perform some essential initial steps, and then you can do almost everything with your Oppo smartphone with ease. Based on our experience, we shared a few important things to do after buying a new Oppo device. Follow them to set up your device for optimal user experience. 


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