Things You Should Take Care of While Painting Over Wallpaper

We all desire to choose what is trending and the latest- from the clothes we wear to the colors we choose on walls. The color palette on the wall has gained momentum with the growing demand for well-maintained abodes. Bygone are the days where giving new look was possible only with painting. The durable and cost-effective option of wallpapers has made space in our painting choices today. The market provides a wide range of varied designs in all desirable shades. Once the wallpaper is pasted whether damaged or outdated peeling it off is quite a hideous job. Gladly, the option of painting over wallpaper does make life easier. However, as easy as it is said preparation for painting over wallpaper isn’t a cakewalk.

Being a rented stay, I had plans to only decorate the bedroom. The house was a temporary shift yet needed to look neat. My narrowed choices had been shortlisted apart from the faded wallpaper in my cozy bedroom. So, I surfed for the latest bedroom painting ideas. The options were innumerable but I had to select as per my pocket. Secondly, the effort of painting in a rented property didn’t seem quite feasible. That is when looked for the painting over the wallpaper. Thankfully the wall was leveled well due to the evened plastering which saved me from paying extra for the wall putty price. The only thing I needed to do was get a professional to fix the loose ends of the wallpaper with an adhesive.

Painting over the existing wallpaper is quite a business affair from the pre-painting set up to the final coating. Here are a few things that will come handy while painting over wallpaper:


We hardly recognize the layer of dust that is stuck to the walls. Initial cleaning of the wallpaper would be required so dusting off the surface and fixing the pesky corners. 


 Simple dusting can only remove the dusty layer but deep cleaning of the surface is much needed. Vacuuming is highly recommended for the wallpaper. Even out the ripples. Once the walls have been glued, cleaned, washed, and air-dried, the wall is all set to begin testing paint.


A coat of primer makes the painting surface ready. It seals the surface thus reducing the peeling off at a later stage. It is recommended to let the primer dry before we start with the first coat of paint.

All the above steps when taken care can change the outlook of painting over the wallpaper surface. Recognize a professional painter who has the art and the craft knowledge so that they can recommend the right shades contrasting over the wallpapers. The brushes and rollers were well played on the surface. In case the wallpaper is of darker shade the painting would be tedious and would require more coats. Painting the interior walls always takes a long time in making the right choice. More so if it is of bedroom design a place where we relax, rest, and chill our interests. Thus, it is an attention seeker.

Having followed the procedures correctly the difference between fresh painting and painting over any existing wallpaper is barely minimal. Although not recommended for the long term choice our temporary painting can be quite easier. Once the wall is ready like a newly wedded bride just stand back and admire. What was once a dull and faded surface is now fresh, glossy, and classic beauty.


Ajay Deep

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