This is How Rohan Pandya Built 1.5 Million Network on Social Media for His Brand Don’t get serious

A dreamer, a traveler, a blogger and now an Influencer, Rohan Pandya is a man having the power and guts to change his own destiny. He was knowing what he wants from life and he achieved it! People who don’t know him, think his path to success was easy, but those who know him from ages knows what hurdles he bumped through!

Earning fame is not as easy as earning shame, one wrong moment and you are out of the race. Knowing this risk factor, Rohan decided to make a move and started accepting all the challenges! However, he made a decision that by hook or by crook he has to take his brand “Don’t Get Serious” on to a next level and he did it.

The decision to Do Blogging:

Rohan was in 1st year of Masters in Business Administration and the year was 2014, when he started blogging and he was always passionate about his love “Don’t Get Serious”, keeping his first love in mind, he created an attractive Facebook page with the same name and if you are a blogger too you must be very much aware about the fact that at what level that particular page is at present.

Having over 1.5 million followers on Facebook page is not easy and the young generation is heavily in the love with the content this page delivers. Still, the page is liked by thousands of youngsters on daily basis and Rohan’s next agenda is to have reach more and more people on social media with creative and funny posts.

With studies, Rohan was completely into blogging and learning how he can build his brand. After completing his post-graduation, Rohan had no other dream and passion apart from working on his blog and the Facebook page for the same.

This was the time when he faced the very first challenge, and it was his parents itself. It is very difficult to focus on your dream specially when your family does not support you but Rohan was knowing where he wants to be and he convinced his parents that he won’t give him a single chance to regret his decision. It was that era when very few people were knowing about blogging and social media marketing. This was the reason behind Rohan’s parents concern. To keep his parents happy, Rohan decided to take a job so he joined a corporate company and worked for 1.5 years. He was working very hard in that company but then also he was stuck to his blog and did not left his passion for blogging.

Usually, night is the time when most bloggers work and Rohan was welcomed in that world too by his other friends who were already in that field. After coming from office, he would work all night and keep publishing creative content on his blog and make sure that his audience can have something to read on his blog each day.

Time passed, and this was the same routine Rohan used to follow but as you know your silence makes the noise, Rohan’s silence did the same. It took the time of 5 years for Rohan to build the don’t get serious brand and have organic and genuine followers on his social media handle.

Don’t Get Serious – What is it?

A blog or a brand? What don’t get serious is? Don’t get serious is not just a blog but a page that is also popular for promoting and marketing campaigns for most popular brands across the world. You can easily find don’t get serious details on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dontgetserious receives 5 lakhs to 1 Million visitors every month. In February 2019 received 50 lakh users due to valentine’s week event blogging.

Few tips Rohan has always given to new bloggers and social media marketers.

1) Motivate yourself and ignore the world. The world has millions of mouth and mouth is for speaking. Don’t hear them!

2) Focus on your work, deliver quality. Money will come, this is the best success mantra I have seen in my experience.

3) Never share your monthly revenue to anybody. Just keep working in silent mode and people will start recognizing you by your work.

4) Don’t quit if you fail. Motivate yourself.

5) Read, read and read. Try to learn something new on daily basis, the age of learning never ends!

6) Maintain consistency, never leave it!

7) Start working from your college days, you will not have to go out and find work in any company as by the time you graduate from your college, you might have built your own company.

8) Create fresh and unique content which has not been shared before. You will get good reach on Instagram and Facebook for sure and chances are very high your content can go viral.

Rohan shares all his blogging and social media experience on his personal blog You will get full guide in detail about how to make money online through blogging and social media.

We asked him about how much he earns from blogging and social media but he wanted to keep it secret and said that he earns more than a 9 to 5 corporate job.

Below listed are Social Media handle of Rohan & his blog/page don’t get serious. You can follow for latest updates

Facebook :

Rohan’s personal profile :

Don’t get serious fb pages

Instagram Account of don’t get serious


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