Tiger Safari Ludhiana – Know Timings, Entry Fees & What’s Inside

Tiger Safari Zoo in Ludhiana is one of the perfect picnic spot for the children to chill and have a thrilling experience. You can even enjoy and explore this beautiful place with your friends, family, etc. It was established in the year 1993 and here one can see the sumptuous tigers freely wandering in the dense forest, black bucks, sambhars, rabbits and lots of peacocks.

Tiger safari Ludhiana covers an area of 25 acres. In this zoo, you can see the bathing of the tigers in the pool and sleep under the bushes. In several zoo’s you can see the tigers in a huge cage but here it is a very thrilling experience to see the group of tigers wandering freely in this zoo other than any other zoo. The visitants visit Tiger Safari, War Museum and Hardy’s World in one round. Watching tigers relaxing in the sun delights the visitors. Yet not many people visit it on the weekdays.

Safety For Visitors in Tiger Safari, Ludhiana

Tiger Safari Ludhiana has full preparations for the safety of the visitants. The Wild Life Department has granted the contract of administering the visit to safari to a private company. This company has two buses. If one bus does not return within 10 minutes, another bus leaves for its search. In case if any animal is ill,  veterinary doctors of the Zoo, are consulted immediately.

Frequently the tigers sit gradually with a faraway look in their eyes. At 5 o’clock, a bell is rung. It is dinnertime for the Tigers. The aroma of meat steers them to the room where they are locked for midnight. The two watering holes are cleaned on Mondays when safari remains closed. At the entrance of this zoo, scores of peacocks move about. These peacocks make tigers active

There were various animals that used to live in the ancient eras and the recent pasts but we cannot find them in the present times. The reason behind this is that the maximum of them have become extinct either due to environmental disasters or due to man-made disasters.  Zoos and wildlife parks are natural settings that safeguard the unique species from hunting, battling and predation to look after the country’s animal resources.

Tiger Safari is a fantabulous picnic spot for Children and families. Except for the summertime, all other months are the best time to visit the zoo. Visitants to Tiger Safari can also enjoy other picnic spots nearby as Deer Park, Clock Tower, Lodhi Fort, Daresi Ground, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort, Mughal Sarai, Bilwanwali Masjid, Mosque Koom Kalan, Nehru Rose Garden, Durga Mandir, etc. Certainly, Tiger safari is one such place where children would just love going. Food stalls are even facilitated.

Animals in Tiger Safari, Ludhiana

The Tiger Safari is falling short of tigers, much to the chagrin of zoo executives, who have written to the wildlife department asking them to arrange the big cats from tiger reserves across the country. That’s not all. The Safari is also short of crocodiles, ghadiyals, and leopards, among other wild animals. There are 13 species in the zoo. It involves two tigers, one black bear, three jackals, 10 sambars, three black bucks, a barking deer, eight porcupines, 40 ducks, 15 silver doves, eight parrots, five emus, and 30 Budgerigars.

A zoo executive said “the chart of footfall abatements during monsoon and winter. And it starts growing with the onset of spring season and summer vacation is the peak time.”

There are just two male tigers in the Zoo – Deepak (15 years) and Money (15 years, six months) – at the Tiger safari Ludhiana. They are let out in open on circumrotation, as they fight. Therefore, visitors can see only one tiger. Two years ago, the authorities filed a request for two tigers – a male and a female – under the animal exchange programme to the CAZ and Punjab chief wildlife warden, but to no avail. In 2005, the safari had 11 tigers.

In the jungle, the tiger of good deeds is tied to the tiger, the tiger is scared in the tiger Safari of Ludhiana itself. When the entire world is concerned about the decrease in tigers, then the administration of Ludhiana is taking serious defects in the security of five Bengal Tiger, closed in Tiger Safari. On the side of the Bhattis village, people can reach the Tiger House by relaxing. In such a situation there is a danger to the safety of tigers because in Hyderabad the hunters entered the same zoo and took off the tiger.

After the death of Baran in Bethesda’s Dairy Park, Trouble Tiger Safari management has tackled a three-foot curtail wire on the open path to Bhagri village, but it can not stop the infiltration. The Daily Bhaskar team saw a demo of missile safety by going on this path itself on Sunday. The responsibility to stop the infiltration is near only two guards in the night. Those who do with the tiger’s safety poles.

From the open boundary, a dog can also reach the zoo and harm harmony, deer and other animals. The striped strip of the guards will be lost, when the light goes away, in the absence of generators, it shines darkly in the horror of the animals. The holes in the protection of Tiger Safari, in the enclosure of any animal, the gates of the gate are tied up with chains of chain chains. The height of the barrier of the deer in the blue park is ten feet, but the height of the Sapphire enclosure is only six feet in Ludhiana Tiger Safari.

The boundary wall of the Himalayas bears enclosure is four feet wide. Usually, the boundary climbs up the wall and calls the bear attack. For the boundary wall, an estimate of Rs 70 lakh is sent. Animal fences are completely safe in Tiger Safari. There is also a proposal for raising the kelly wires of the Severan enclosure and cutting the wallet wires on the boundary wall of the bear.

Location, Timings, and Entry Fees

Zoo in Ludhiana called as Tiger Safari has been situated 6 km from the main city on GT Road on Ludhiana-Jalandhar Highway.

Ludhiana Zoo will be closed on Mondays and on remaining days during the timings 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM. The entry fee per head is Rs 20.


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