Chandigarh Timber Market in Sector 26 Might Shut Down | Criminal Case Filed Against Traders

After hotels, breweries, and restaurants Timber Markets are on the list of facing a closure. The Timber Market is situated in Sector 26 Chandigarh. Chandigarh pollution Control Committee (CPCC) has filed criminal cases against the traders. The case has been filed against them for violating the Pollution Control Acts.

Case Filed Against Timber Market Traders

The court of Civil Judge, Chandigarh issued an ordered to the traders of Timber Market, Sector 26, Chandigarh. The traders of Timber Market met Home Secretary opposing the criminal case filed by CPCC. As per the traders of Timber market, the criminal case filed by CPCC against the Timber Traders was unwarranted and unjustified.

CPCC’s Senior Scientific Officer said that the timber market traders were not permitted to operate as per the Section 25/26 (Water prevention and control of the pollution Act 1974) and Section 21 (The Air prevention and control of the Pollution Act 1981). They also said that the timber market traders were running saw mills without having any permission. The imprisonment for violating the acts is – A term which is not less than one year and six months which can be further extended to 6 years.

What Everyone Had To Say

The court’s order created a panic among the timber market traders. The traders approached the Home secretary and discussed the case filed against them by CPCC.

A former councillor said that the case filed against the traders by the CPCC is unjustified.

A timber trader of Sector 26 Chandigarh said that a panic has been created among the timber market traders. He said that the traders got a permission to operate last year as the notices were served on them. He also said that they completed all the formalities and then the CPCC issues them permission to operate.

Another timber market trader said that the timber shops which were allotted to them are registered under the Factories Act with various departments. The timber traders said that till now no officer has ever approached them and all of a sudden CPCC filed a criminal case that the shops are running without permission.

Image & Source: The Tribune

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