Tips to Get Started with TikTok Marketing

TikTok is one of the trendiest and most popular social media platforms used today and it is one of the best platforms for marketing because engagement levels are very high on the app. In fact, TikTok beats all other social media platforms in terms of engagement, and the services available, such as TokUpgrade, which will allow you to get TikTok followers easily. The app draws people in for long periods of time because it is an entertaining and fun platform, and marketers are also drawn to TikTok because it is fast pace, creative space.

If you want to use TikTok well, you need to know how to market yourself on the platform. It might seem simple but it is actually quite challenging. If you are new to social media and are unsure about how to use TikTok for marketing, here are a few tips to help you:

How to create a TikTok video

TikTok is a unique app that shines differently from other social media apps because it is all about videos and creativity. You cannot hard sell on TikTok, this does not do very well. You have to post content that is organic and creative. People generally create videos relating to a variety of topics from cooking to comedy to dancing. 

To create a video on TikTok, log into the app and click on the ‘plus’ sign  in the middle bottom of your screen, once you have done this you will see the screen that allows you to record your video. You can choose an option to record a 15 second or 60 second video. TikTok also offers options to make your video unique by giving you a ‘speed’ option as well as giving you the option to add animations, filters and music to your video. There are options available that make it seem as though you’re interacting with virtual items. You can even change your appearance. The fun doesn’t stop there, you are also given the option to add voice effects in ‘post production’. Once you are done editing your video, you can upload it but remember to include hashtags so that your video can reach more people. 

When creating a video avoid being too promotional and not being fun. Be authentic!

Share user-generated content

A good way to market on TikTok is through the use of user-generated content. User-generated content is content such as videos, audio etc that are uploaded onto social media platforms by users. Nike famously used this strategy on TikTok and generated 929 million views even though their TikTok account is private. This acts as free advertising for brands. .

Hashtag challenges are also a good form of marketing because users create videos that benefit your brands awareness and reputation. This is another form of user-generated content. Your business can pay to sponsor a specific hashtag challenge and get a customer banner across the discovery page. When usesr click on the banner, they are taken to videos that your team has created explaining the challenge and showing how it works while promoting your brand at the same time. 

Influencers and ads

Influencers are very popular on social media and it is a great idea for your brand or business to use them for marketing. This will benefit you by expanding your reach because influencers have a large and trusted following, which means you can get TikTok followers really quickly. Keep in mind that the more followers an influencer has, the more they will charge you to promote your business or brand. Don’t just partner with any influencer, you should choose an influencer within your specific niche. 

Another method of marketing is to make use of ads that TikTok now has. Ads on TikTok play between user content and they can be between 9 and 15 seconds long. Users do however have the option to skip or scroll past your ad. Besides branded hashtags challenge, Different ads on TikTok include: 

  • In feed video ads: appear on the feed and For You page.
  • Brand takeover: TikTok makes sure that users don’t see more than 1 brand per day, eliminating competition.
  • Top view ads: videos that are 60 seconds.
  • Branded effects: ads that appear as soon as the user opens the app.

When choosing an add keep in mind your budget and choose an ad that resonates most.


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