Tips To Remember Maths Formula For Class 6 

Class 6 Maths is an important subject for all class 6 students as it will help them to create a strong base foundation for further studies. Class 6 is the starting foundation for students looking forward to pursuing mathematics in their higher education. An issue noticed in students nowadays is they have a great amount of pressure to score good marks in mathematics. This leads them to get confused when it comes to learning the concepts in mathematics and memorizing formulas. Students should understand that they need to learn and understand the formulas before attempting to solve a question through NCERT books class 6 maths. From the examination point of view, students tend to get 1 mark just for writing the formula on their answer sheet. Hence, students need to remember math formulas. Here are a couple of tricks and techniques that will help students to learn formulas faster 

  • Developing interest in the subject

This is the most important point that a student must keep in mind while commencing their studies in mathematics. The student must develop an interest in the subject because lack of interest will leave the student disinterested and the student will not put in maximum effort into the subject while learning. It is always easier to learn something new when the students have an interest in the subject they are pursuing. Once students start to develop an interest, learning and understanding formulas will be a cakewalk for them.

  • Use Visual Memory

It is always easier to connect concepts using visual memory. Whenever a student attaches a visual to each concept, it becomes easier for the student to recollect and remember that concept later in the future. Students should try this method to memorize formulas and learn their concepts. The students must also keep in mind that memory is predominantly visual, so this method of memorizing will surely help the students.

  • Understanding & Knowing the meaning

Having complete knowledge of how the formula or concept is attained, the process, and the reason behind it will help the students to have a better understanding of the formula or concept, making it easier for the students to remember it as it makes more sense. Hence it is very important to know the meaning of each and everything in mathematic concepts or formulas to be able to memorize them. 

  • Practice and only practice

Continuous practice of mathematics can help students understand better where they lack and how they can improve. When a student starts practising mathematics using the formulas they want to learn, the brain understands the application of the formulas and hence makes it easier for the students to remember them. Students should practice solving different problems using the same formulas, this gives them more understanding and helps in building their concepts stronger. Repetition of problem-solving leads to memorizing the formulas and concepts. 

  • Writing down formulas

Students must make it a habit of always writing down all the formulas they want to memorize. Writing formulas, again and again, will help the students remember them for longer. The human brain tends to remember what we write repeatedly. Hence, writing formulas down in a separate notebook, will not only help students to remember them but will also help them to brush up and have a simpler revision after they are done studying. 

  • Sticking a paper on your wall

This method is the most efficient and easy way of memorizing formulas. Students have a lot of formulas to remember in class 6 mathematics and to memorize them, it is advised to write them on a sheet of paper and stick it on your wall. This way the student will continuously keep seeing the formulas every time they pass their paper and slowly the formulas will start seeping into the student’s mind. 

  • Sleep on it

Students must try to recollect everything they’ve studied during the day and must try to think and remember all the formulas they learned during the day before going to bed. When a student tries to think of something and goes to sleep, the human brain has better chances of remembering it, making it easier for students to memorize formulas for class 6 mathematics. 

  • Study daily for 1 hour

Students must understand that it isn’t a day’s work where they can acquire mastery in a subject like mathematics, it’s a continuous and consistent learning process. The simplest way to achieve mastery in this subject is by practising and studying mathematics every day for one hour. By studying every day, the student will develop a unique interest in the subject. This will also help the student to enhance their learning and have a better understanding of the concepts. This will even make sure that they finish their syllabus on time and have enough time for multiple revisions.

  • Stay Healthy 

The healthier the students are, the easier it is for them to learn and focus. This is because they have a clear mindset with no particular distraction, making it easier for them to study and understand all the concepts and formulas necessary. The students must exercise and get the oxygen flowing to the brain. As the students are healthy, the human brain tends to focus better, and hence the students can be more productive. 

  • Keeping distractions away

In this day and age, with continuous advancement in technology, it is very easy for students to lose track and get distracted due to social media. Students must be self-aware and make sure they make efficient use of all the technology provided to them. They should try to avoid distractions at any cost. They can distract themselves with things that will benefit them, for example: Watching a video related to your subjects on YouTube. 

With the help of the above tips and tricks, students will be able to remember all the maths formulas. These formulas are important to remember as they will help students in the future.


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