Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a fantasy term these days. It has been at your fingers for the past few years. It has delved into our individual as well as social and professional lives. AI has made everything so easy that we just don’t mind using AI technologies for our routine tasks. 

Every sector of society has been significantly impacted by AI, which has swept through every industry. Today AI applications are widespread in every aspect of our lives. Artificial Intelligence finds its applications in every industry, including defense, research, oil and gas, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, businesses, media and entertainment, logistics, and almost every industry that exists. 

Companies have realized the power of Artificial Intelligence and are on their way to applying AI techniques in all possible functionalities. AI techniques are probably used in all the departments of an organization for carrying out different repetitive tasks. To apply AI techniques, organizations need professionals who are trained and certified in Artificial Intelligence technologies. This is why there is a surge in professionals taking AI programs to make their careers in this domain. 

This article will let you know about the top ten trending technologies of Artificial Intelligence that are consistently revolutionizing the world around us. 

Top AI Technologies

  • Machine Learning Platforms

The main objective of machine learning platforms is to develop new techniques for computers or machines to learn and acquire more intelligence. APIs(Application Programming Interface), training and development tools, algorithms, and tremendous amounts of data are the driving force behind the popularity of machine learning platforms. These are generally used for classification tasks and forecasting patterns and trends. ML platforms are sold by companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, D-Text, and others.

  • Natural Language Generation

Even humans occasionally struggle with effective and efficient communication. Additionally, the processing of data by systems differs significantly from the processing of information by the brain and can be quite challenging and complex. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence technology that helps people carry their ideas and thoughts seamlessly by converting text into data.

  • Virtual Assistants

Chatbots and virtual assistants are a boon to many companies to help in providing personalized experiences to their end users. Basically, a virtual agent is a software application that is used for assisting clients, and customers are used to solving temporary and small issues for themselves without requiring human intervention. ‘OK Google’ has made even hardly literate people work on smartphones for their small tasks. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Creative Virtual, Satisfi, and IPSoft are some of the companies that provide virtual assistants. 

  • Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is a technique for translating human speech into a format that computer the software can comprehend. Human language transcription and translation into useable formats is now a common practice that is rapidly expanding. Organizations, including OpenText, NIE, Nuance Communications, and Verint Systems offer precise recognition services.

  • Robotic Process Automation

One of the most crucial AI techniques that are widely used in almost every industry is Robotic Process Automation. Automation refers to the process of imitating processes that are otherwise carried out by humans. RPA is specifically meant to supplement and augment their abilities and make tedious tasks easier. BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Work Fusion, and Pega Systems are some of the companies that provide RPA services.

  • Deep Learning Platforms

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, and the deep learning platforms replicate the neural networks of the human brain in order to process data in the same way as a human brain does. It then creates patterns to support decision-making. Some of its applications include image recognition, speech recognition, and many more. Some popular deep-learning platforms include Ersatz Labs, MathWorks, Fluid AI, Deep Instinct, and more. 

  • Image Recognition 

The process of recognizing and detecting features in videos or images is referred to as Image Recognition. It helps you greatly in searching for pictures, identifying license plates, studying famous personalities, and diagnosing diseases. SenseTime and Clarifi are some of the companies that provide these services. 

  • Decision Management

Artificial Intelligent robots are able to inculcate logic into AI systems to prepare them for management, training, and tuning. Companies prefer to imply decision management to execute automated decisions that can add significant value to businesses, eventually improving profitability. UiPath, Pegasystems, Maana, and Informatica are some companies that offer this technology. 

  • Content Creation

Although the process of content creation is entirely human-based and is created by professionals who work on vlogs, blogs, videos, ads, and whitepapers. Professionals involved in creating content usually do this task on their own and hardly use any AI techniques for this. Content has always been an awesome medium for generating leads, this is why many companies instill AI techniques to create content. Some brands that use AI techniques for creating content include USA Today, Hearst, and CBS. 

  • AI Optimized Hardware

Devices are being produced and employed to do AI-related tasks precisely thanks to improved and upgraded graphics and central processing units. The AI-optimized silicon chip, which can be installed in any practicable device, is a good example of this. Because of this, organizations and companies are heavily investing in artificial intelligence (AI) in order to speed up the development of the next generation of services. Companies like Google, Alluviate, Intel, Stream, IB, and Nvidia, among others, provide this technology service. 


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