Top 10 Best Online Business Apps

When it comes to core business aspects such as organization, problem-solving, communication, time management, and business aid, the current mobile app development market is chock full of uniquely tailored apps to make your work simpler and life better.

If you happen to be a business person or an entrepreneur who is always absorbed in work and looking for streamlined management and productivity, a compelling business app can come to your rescue from taking on those everyday scuffles.

Here’s a compilation of the top 10 inventive apps you can pick, use, stay organized, and succeed.

  1. Evernote

With the help of Evernote, you’re able to create workspaces and notebooks. Several businesses have been greatly adopting the app for keeping notes, random ideas, to-do lists, and moments of inspiration in an organized fashion. Every so often, great ideas come to your mind when you aren’t at your desk or when you’re on the go.

Evernote allows you to capture those fleeting thoughts as a typical catchall app. The use of Evernote can be effectively availed for writing notes, preparing checklists, carrying out research, organizing web articles, discussing work, and disseminating notes with your fellow workers.

  1. Google drive

It’s a cloud-based file storage ecosystem. It’s a great tool that lends you a helping hand for uploading, organizing, sharing, and effective management of business files. Google drive comes up with free storage capacity of 15 GB and charges a nominal fee to add extra space. Because of the online format of the app, real-time collaboration with partners and co-workers from several distant locations becomes feasible.

  1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is basically a mobile app intended for supporting a wide-ranging array of marketing and CRM tools, in particular, email marketing. In recent years, the app has been a witness to extensive adoption. Because of its user-friendly automation feature, business owners acquire the competence in creating and analyzing marketing performance and promoting on social media through ads.

The online marketing automation platform aids and abets in bolstering the prospects of email marketing campaigns and encourages brand management. Mailchimp has radically altered the way businesses take a look at email marketing now.

  1. Nykaa

Nykaa is an online store for innumerable beauty products. With more than 850 brands and over 1 lakh products, Nykaa boasts of being one of the most sought-after shopping platforms in India. Nykaa supports a virtual makeover tool that allows you to try different looks and opt for the one suiting you the best.

Via online chat, Nykaa gives advice and assistance to use beauty products based on skin and hair types. Its blog is replete with articles featuring tutorials, celebrity looks, and ongoing beauty trends. The online store is also famous for dealing out seasonal offers, cash-back freebies, gift cards, and coupons to its customers.

  1. WhatsApp business

It was Facebook that released WhatsApp business for connecting business owners and entrepreneurs to their customers so that transparent, effective communication could be established. It offers all the features available in WhatsApp messenger.

It shells out supplementary features, for example, the transmission of automated messages, locations, addresses, etc to your clients with the help of special tools. It also comes in handy to check the performance outcome of WhatsApp campaigns. The app is extremely popular among hyperlocal businesses for promoting their services.

  1. Perk payroll

Perk payroll is a cloud-based staff attendance app that offers absolute security, flexible scalability, and is maintenance-free. You can manage the attendance and payroll of your employees with timely precision regardless of location, time, or platform compatibility. With best-in-class software of this staff attendance app your employees, HR, and payroll departments can gain access to important information.

It enables you to automate mundane tasks and empower your employees to achieve greater business results by devoting more time to strategic and decision-making jobs. You can keep your employees satisfied by handing out accurate paychecks on time and boost their morale.

  1. Slack

Developed by an America-based software company, Slack Technologies, this business communication and collaboration tool has garnered millions of users all over the world. By making use of the Slack app you can maintain contact with your team via messages or calls and put your work in order.

It comes up with easy-to-use, efficient tools to keep a watch on the health of your website in terms of uptime, get real-time feeds from email subscribers and sales, attend to customer inquiries, and many more. Nowadays, lots of companies, communities, and organized groups are using Slack as the default method of communication to get done with their everyday tasks.

  1. Pagarbook

It’s one of the best payroll and staff attendance app catering to especially small and medium enterprises. The Pagarbook app is custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of staff of different types. You can mark attendance in just one click. It helps you compute the salary of your employees based on inputs received from the attendance data such as leaves, half days, overtime, and late reporting.

Its one-off advance payment feature lends a hand to businessmen in keeping track of advance salary payments. Through this staff attendance app, you can send notifications and share records in just a few clicks.

  1. Skype

Skype is a highly reliable app meant for making team communication simpler. This essentially video calling app is perfect for business. It allows businesses to get in touch via video conference calls, voice calls, and text messages. It permits setting up chat communications with your team members irrespective of the location. With Skype, you’re also empowered to share photos and multimedia files with your customers.

The free version allows 50 participants to communicate with one another at a time. Its background blurring and screen sharing features are noteworthy. Because of the immense popularity of the app, you can be certain that all team members and clients will have the knowledge to use it.

  1. eBay

It’s one of the most preeminent online platforms when it comes to B2C or C2C services. The online store has far-reaching operations across 33 countries as per data obtained in 2018. Through eBay, users can carry out buying and selling of their products. With time, the shopping app has undergone many evolutions and expansions.

Features such as the “Buy It Now” option through the use of ISBN, Universal Product Code, or several other SKU numbers are introduced. Therefore, if you’re looking for an online store shopping app see to it you take this buying, selling, and exchange platform into consideration.

Final thoughts

If you strive to make more business efforts and become successful, these 10 business apps will pull off your objectives. On account of the adoption of progressive methods in mobile app development and the influx of ultra-modern devices, you can take these business apps into account and make your professional life powerful and exciting.

Also, thanks to groundbreaking innovations in Android and iOS app development, you get access to an eclectic array of mobile apps to simplify your business processes.


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