Top 5 Apps To Take Control Of Your Personal Finance

Handling personal finance can be difficult for many people. Many of us struggle to keep the monthly expenditure in check and with this unchecked expenditure, going over the budget gets pretty easy. Thankfully, there are numerous apps online that make managing personal finance a pretty easy job. Here is a list of five finance apps that will help you to stay within your budget, track your expenses and income and further, will help you in saving and investing your money. 

1. Money Manager Expense & Budget

The app provides an easy way to manage your personal finance. It provides a simplified way of managing the budget goals. The app is highly flexible as it can be customised as per the needs of the users. The spending tendencies of the user is presented in a graphical manner. Depending upon your spending habits, you can create main categories and subcategories to keep a tab on the account. If you ever make a good income through additional sources like Dhankesari and Lottery Sambad, this app will help you to manage your income in addition to action by providing you with the feature to plan your budget on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. 

2. Wallet – Daily Budget & Budget

It is another personal expense tracker app that enables users to see all the finance in one place. The Wallet app is useful for managing both ongoing and one-time budgets. The app supports multiple banks, currencies and financial institutions and gives flexibility to the users to choose the preferred option on the basis of their requirements. The cash flow feature of the app allows you to check the amount of money that you managed to save and during which period. The expense can be checked by the users by reviewing and adjusting expense categories. 

3. Spending Tracker 

Spending Tracker allows you to take control of your personal finance like no other app. The app can be used for free and it has a user-friendly interface that allows you to record both your income and expenses in an easy manner. The time periods for managing your personal finances can be flexibly chosen on the basis of the week, month and year. The budget model of the app is immensely helpful to keep your expenditure in check. The summary view of the app can be used for checking the categories in which you maximum spend money in addition to viewing your spending progress. The app supports beautiful visualisation of the expenditure to help you keep track of your budget. 

4. Spendee Budget & Money Tracker 

Spendee Budget & Money Tracker is a good personal finance app that allows you to see all your money in one place. The app helps you to understand where your money goes with the help of beautiful interactive charts. Further, the app can be used to optimise your spending habits. It is a powerful app to optimise your budget. Analysing the expenses is easier in this app as it automatically categorises the expense and presents the report of the same in the form of infographics and graphs. The app in addition to managing your personal finance also increases your finance awareness. In addition to it, the app also supports the dark mode and the web version. 

5. Expense Manager – Spending Tracker 

Expense Manager is a handy app to manage your daily expenses. The simple interface of the app makes it easier for the users to manage and analyse the report of their expenses. The monthly bills of the app can be managed with the help of custom reminders. The Expense Manager app presents the users with summarised expense, income and expense categories to make it easier for the users to manage their finance. Further,  it supports category group reports to show the area in which the maximum amount of expense is taking place. The app supports multiple currencies and it comes with an adjustable current display format. Expense Manager also ensures PIN code protection to save your data from prying eyes. 

On the basis of your requirements, you can download any one of these apps to manage your personal finance easily. It will not only help you in keeping a track of your expenses but will also help you to increase your savings and investment by monitoring your financial habits. 


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