Top 5 In-Demand Skills That Can Earn You Money in Canada

The Canadian job market has grown massively in the last decade thanks to new technologies, legal alterations, and the high demand for STEM talent. Many Canadian businesses have adopted the remote-work system since 2020, and millions of workers are happy working from home. AI-content generators have disrupted the online service industry, but having the right skillset can help you remain relevant and generate income in this otherwise competitive industry.

5 In-Demand Skills You Need to Make Money in Canada

Canada has an international reputation for its friendly job market, with dozens of opportunities for professionals and amateurs alike. However, the job industry is competitive, so you must learn new skills to keep making extra money in Canada to stay afloat. Many people learn new ones online, and costly courses can teach technical and hard skills, but that does not mean they are profitable. This article outlines the five skills that the growing Canadian job market has a higher demand for.

Technology-Related Skills

The technology industry in Canada has recorded massive growth over the last decade, with the invention of new tech companies and the penetration of internationally-recognized tech giants. Now more than ever, Canadian companies seek skilled artificial intelligence experts, software developers, data scientists, cloud computing, and cybersecurity experts. Online programs, universities, coding boot camps, and community colleges frequently teach these skills.

Some well-known training and certification programs include Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Google IT Support Professional Certificate, Microsoft Azure Fundamental, and IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. With so many tech giants and fast-growing tech startups, jobs offer super-competitive perks and salaries. Experienced data scientists earn an average of CAD 95,000 annually, while software engineers earn CAD 85,000.

Sales and Marketing Skills

Creative marketing, sales representation, data analyzing, interpersonal and communication skills are slowly growing in demand in Canada. Many digital marketing and sale training courses and diploma programs are offered in-person or online in the country. Colleges offer full-time diploma programs centered on marketing communications and advertising.

The demand for sales and marketing professionals is snowballing, with more companies requesting talented specialists in e-commerce and digital marketing. The salaries aren’t bad either, as sales representatives earn CAD 51,000 annually while marketing managers earn CAD 77,000.

Language Skills

As a bilingual country, Canada highly demands professionals teaching French and English. People with expert-level language skills can perform different jobs, including content creation, translation, language teaching, interpretation, and transcription. The demand for multilingual and bilingual customer representative roles is higher in areas with more French-speaking populations and immigrants.

These skills are more required in business, government, tourism, healthcare, and education, especially language teaching, interpretation, and translation. As healthcare industries seek to penetrate more cities and locations in Canada, the demand for translators and transcribers has increased. The salary of language professionals depends on their experience level, industry, and role, but most translators earn an average between CAD 50,000-80,000 annually.

Project Management Skills

Another skill in high demand in the Canadian job market involves the management of businesses and projects. You can always find a job in the Canadian market if you’re skilled in: 

  • Change management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Team management
  • Risk and issue management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Quality assurance and control. 

You can advance your project management skills by taking Scrum Master Certification, PRINCE2 certification, Project Management Professional certification, and Certified in Project Management credential.

Job availability is also high, with more companies looking for candidates skilled in managing schedules, projects, portfolios, and programs. The earning potential of a professional in the project management industry relies heavily on their experience level, job title, and position. A survey conducted by Salary Explorer revealed that project managers in Canada earn from CAD 80,100 to CAD 224,000 annually.

Accounting Skills

The most in-demand skills related to accounting are ethics and professionalism, financial reporting, auditing and assurance, accounting systems, budgeting and forecasting, and tax planning. You can take several courses to advance your skills in these areas, including Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Certified General Accountant, and Certified Management Accountant.

The job opportunities are diverse, including budget analyzing, auditor roles, accountant and tax accountant roles, bookkeeping, financial analysis, and payroll clerks. Salary rates vary depending on the qualification and experience level of the accounting specialist. Entry-level accountants earn approximately CAD 49,000 annually, while veterans earn up to CAD 100,000 annually.


As a resident or student in Canada seeking easy ways to earn an income, these are the most in-demand skills in the Canadian market. Look at these skills to know what you are passionate about and where you wish to develop a career to look for affordable training programs and courses. For entry-level jobs, you will need a certificate; for expert-level positions, you will need a diploma or degree and several years of professional practice. Get started today and build a career that will generate income for many years.


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