Top 5 Indian Cities With Fastest Internet Speeds

What’s the most annoying thing in today’s world? A Slow Internet Connection. 

A slow internet connection can make you pull your hair out. If you are living or working in Hyderabad, you will be very happy to know that Hyderabad is now the first city in India to get 1Gbps internet connectivity. There are a lot of cities in India having the highest average internet speeds. All the speeds listed below are in Mbps (Megabits per second).

Indian cities with Fastest Internet Speed

Did your city make it to the top 5 cities have the best internet speeds? Check Here:

1. Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Telangana state’s capital is at first position. The place where you get the best biryani has topped the list of the cities having the best internet speeds. Hyderabad becomes the first city in India to get 1Gbps internet connectivity. Earlier, Hyderabad used to get 23.556 Mbps speeds on offer.

2. Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is placed at the second number. Famous for its culture, Chennai has an average download speed of 41.064 Mbps across the city.

3. New Delhi

Known for its culture, religion, history and politics New Delhi, the nation’s capital has an average download speed of 21.996 Mbps.

4. Bengaluru

Bengaluru is known for its pleasant temperature throughout the year and great cuisines from almost every part of the world. Bengaluru has countless job opportunities and is known as the technology capital of India. Bengaluru has an average download speed of 21.951 Mbps internet.

5. Mumbai 

Mumbai, the city of dreams and also the financial capital of India has an average broadband speed of 10.273 Mbps. Mumbai is also the home to many Bollywood filmstars and sportstars.

India is a big country and the above mentioned 5 cities have the best internet speeds in India. India’s nationwide average internet connectivity is 13.271 Mbps.

Cities With Highest Internet Speed In The World

The below-mentioned cities have the highest internet connectivity in the world

1. Seoul 

The capital of South Korea tops the lists with some of the fastest connections offering up to 1.5 Gbps speed

2. Hong Kong

Known for its best cultural sights, Hong Kong has an average speed of 21.9 Mbps.

3. Singapore

Singapore is known as the tech-ready nation by the World Economic Forum. Singapore as an average internet connectivity of 21.9 Mbps

4. Tokyo

Japan’s capital, Tokyo is known as the most popular metropolitan area in the world. Tokyo has an average internet connectivity of 19.6 Mbps.

5. Taiwan

Ranked fifth in the list, Taiwan offers an average download speed of 15.6 Mbps.

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