Top 5 Reasons to Call the VoIP a Game Changer for Real Estate Business

Real estate is a booming industry that demands the assiduous growth of its operational tools as well. The growth in this industry is so rampant that your existing tools can turn inept at any point in time. Possibilities may occur when your traditional PBX based real estate phone system may not be able to handle the workflow.

This is where a VoIP phone number comes into the picture. Just like any other industry, this technology holds the power to build a unified communication system for real-estate insurance as well. In fact, technology has already proved its utility in making real estate agents more responsive and attentive.

Here are our top 5 reasons to call VoIP a game changer for the real estate industry.

Real-estate respects those who are attentive and responsive

Though the need to have attentive and responsive customer service certain prevails in every sector, it holds a special place in the real-estate industry. This industry is driven by customers only. As the investments are generally huge, your customers will have numerous queries about the property before making the final decision. 92% of home buyers consider responsiveness as the major trait of any real-estate company.

That is why, as a real-estate agent, you need to go the extra mile to answer all these queries. Any missed call means a missed business opportunity. The internet powered VoIP assimilates every resource that you need to available around the clock for your customers. Its call forwarding feature helps an end-user to transfer the call to the next available agent when one line is busy.

Additionally, you can also put the calls on a first come first serve basis and do the intelligent distribution. When call traffic is very high then you can own a second phone number.

Later on, you can transfer your calls to this second phone number and make sure that your lines always remain free to let others come in.

Real estate demands more than a call; you need to have SMS and email facility as well

Customers in the real-estate industry are proactive and prefer to contact the service provider in a way more advanced than the mere calling. They prefer to receive emails and SMSs regarding their concerns as well.

VoIP system helps realtor to earn this power. By using VoIP, you can easily send SMS, emails, and voicemails to future customers. In fact, some VoIP service providers offer voice calling facility as well. With all these facilities, VoIP ensures that realtor is reaching out to the customers in every possible manner.

You need to keep a track on every call in the real-estate industry

Real estate is communication heavy industry and requires keeping a track of every call for future reference as well. Now, take the Singapore market into a context where 34% of condo buyers are foreigners. This market demands to keep a track of every call as few are from overseas as well.

A VoIP Singapore phone number (starting with 645 for Ang Mo Kio, 644 for Bedok, 673 for Geylang, 677 for Tampines and so on) helps the industry leader to record every call and its related details over a single call. While a future customer is on the line, you can get the phone status of the caller, trace the location, and get to know which customer has talked for a longer time and so on.

With all this information, Singapore phone number (+65) helps you mitigate the risk of just let a call without churn out any business opportunity from it.

The real-estate industry is customer driven, and VoIP keeps your customers happy by all means.

Just as the customer is the king and any other industry, the real estate industry is also driven by the customers as well. VoIP real estate phone system endows your clients with a pleasurable calling experience and retains them for once and all.

It comes with an IVR facility that welcomes callers with a personal note. Besides, music-on-hold, call back, and voicemail to email transcription facility is worth noteworthy. Accumulatively, all these facilities improve your customer experience.

The Real-estate business clamor for professionalism

You just can’t thrive in real estate business with an unprofessional attitude. As buyers are going to invest a huge chunk of their hard earned money in this industry, they are not going to trust any run of the mill option.

VoIP helps a realtor to radiate out professionalism by all means. You can set a personalized message, a custom voicemail greeting, auto answers for the calls, and even leave an automatic answer in case you missed a call. All these features help to look like a professional and trustworthy resource.

Real estate is a booming and highly customer-driven market. In order to sustain here for a longer time, you need to be a self-sufficient resource by all means. VoIP is one technology that can make it happen with low investments. So, make an intelligent move and empower your real-estate business with it today.


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