Top 7 Lassi Places in Chandigarh To Quench Your Lassi Thirst This Summer

Summers in Chandigarh and Lassi have a great chemistry. Being a healthy & tasty drink option, it’s not just Punjabis in Chandigarh that fall for lassi but almost anyone & everyone loves this white drink.

In case, you have lassi on your mind and are unaware of a place in Chandigarh to have this amazing drink, this post is for you. Check out our list of Top 5 places where you can get awesome lassi in Chandigarh.

Pal Dhaba, Sector 28

The first off is the Pal Dhabha in Sector 28, Chandigarh. The dhaba offers a wide range of scrumptious Chicken and Mutton dishes and luscious lassi. The dhaba offers different types of lassis like namkeen lassi, meethi lassi, masala lassi and Rooh Afza lassi. The Pal Dhaba offers all day breakfast and is light on your wallet.

Address: SCO 151 & 152, Sector 28 D, Sector 28, Chandigarh

Sindhi Sweets

Chandigarh’s most famous and one of the best sweet shops is the Sindhi Sweets. This shop offers an amazing variety of fresh and pure Indian sweets made with milk  including lassi. Try their mango lassi to sooth your thirst and senses this summer. Besides, all the meetha Sindhi Sweets also offers a hell lot of variety of food from north indian to south indian to chinese to continental. So go with your family and friends and enjoy a nice meal along with a cool glass of lassi.

Address: SCO 108 & 109, Sector 17 C, Sector 17, Chandigarh

Gopal Sweets

Gopal Sweets is yet another place in Chandigarh that offers a Patiala sized glass of lassi all year round. Gopal sweets needs no introduction as its so famous for its sweets and multi-regional food amongst the young and old masses of Chandigarh. People of the city swear by Gopal’s name for amazing food and delicious mithais. Try Gopal sweet’s kesar lassi.


SCO 20-21, Sec. 8-C, Phone: 5072794, 5072795
SCO 459-460, Sec. 35-C, Phone:5062424, 5062525, 9781382225
SCO 64-65, Sec. 15-D, Phone: 2724222

Shiv Sweets and Bhojanalya

People of Chandigarh talk a lot about Shiv Sweets lassi and say it the best one they have tasted in a long time. Shiv sweets is not a very fancy place and offers a simple menu and sweets option. The type of lassi available here is simple, sweet with a dash of kesar syrup and a lot of butter to scoop out with spoon on top.  So check out this place’s lassi as well if you are nearby and thirsty.

Address: Satsang Bhawan, Sector 26, Chandigarh

Talwar’s, Sector 15

Another shop in Chandigarh for great lassi is Talwar Sweets. The lassi at this place is so delectable and soothing that you will crave for another glass before you’ll finish your first one. Talwar sweets also offers a good variety of pure milk sweets that are melt in the mouth soft and creamy. Also try their Italian shakes that are available in a lot of different variety.

Address: SCO 66, Sector 15, Chandigarh

Verka Lassi, Chandigarh

Verka and Punjab are two things that cannot be separated. There are ample Verka booths all over Chandigarh that offer amazing lassi not in a glass but in a tetra pack. Verka offers sweet and spiced lassi and both are equally great. Ice-creams, cottage cheese, flavoured curd etc are among other things that Verka offers. Verka products are easy available in every grocery stores in Chandigarh and Verka booths are also scattered all over Chandigarh and you can easily find one.

Amul Lassi, Chandigarh

Now, this brand doesn’t need any introduction but yes, the lassi that this brand offers does need one. Amul is famous for making pure milk items that are way too sensational and its lassi is one of them. Amul lassi also comes in quite a number of flavors and is very thick and delicious. So you can its lassi a shot as well and you can find it easily in any of the grocery stores in Chandigarh.

So here you are abrested with a lot of local lassi knowledge.

There’s nothing more amazing in life than good food, good people and a good big glass of lassi. So, guys, this summer raise a toast with a glass of lassi and drink to your good health and happiness. Cheers!

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