Beware! Here’s What Will Happen if You Try Visiting a Torrent Site in Chandigarh

You all might have heard and used Torrent sites. They were or maybe still are the most popular websites around the world to download the stuff ranging from everything to anything. But this might not be a very good news for download lovers who used to frequently download stuff from Torrent. According to a recent notification from the Govt. Of India, visiting a torrent website can lead you to 3 years jail. Yes, we are talking about “Just Visiting”. The Indian Government with the help of Internet Service Providers under the directions of the court has banned thousands of URL’s and websites in the last 5 years. Now if you even try to visit such URL’s or websites you may get three years imprisonment as well as a fine of Rs 3 Lakh. Now, that’s how you ban online stuff.

Visiting any Torrent Website Is Now a Crime

Browsing a torrent site means that you are committing a crime under the Copyright act.  Now next  time, when you will visit such a URL or a website, you might see a warning stating that viewing, downloading or duplicating contents is a punishable offense under the Copyright Acts. If repeated visits are tracked, you might have police coming to your residence or your office by tracking the IP address. Beware, we informed you!

Torrent Sites and Chandigarh

While some people in Chandigarh may still not be aware about torrent sites, but the city is fast growing up as a metro city of India. Just as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other big Indian cities, tons of internet users in Chandigarh use Torrents to download movies, songs, tv series, games, software and other stuff.

We all know how strict Chandigarh police is, and to inform you, Chandigarh Police has a special cyber crime branch that deals with online crime. This team would be on its toes to curb the use of torrent sites in the city and punish those who are found guilty.

So, be very careful because it can land you in troubles and you may end up paying 3 lacks as fine and 3 years of imprisonment. The order has been passed by the courts, known as John Doe order to stop unknown violators from digital piracy. This is a good gesture to control the piracy, but those who are addicted to downloading files, movies and videos from such sites may find difficult to accept the things at first.

Piracy is bad because it is more like stealing things that others own. Piracy is often seen happening both online and offline. You can find pirated copies of software, movies, videos and songs everywhere on the internet and nothing was done about it. But this time, the Government of India has taken a serious step to stop online piracy. Many sites have already been banned and the process is still on.

So let’s all not indulge in any kind of piracy, as it is badly affecting our economy and being a responsible Citizens of India, it becomes our prime responsibility to refrain from such things.



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