Traditional Indian Card Games and Their Rising Popularity All Over India

When friends get together or during a family day out, games inevitably play a vital role in it. It just lightens up the mood, keeps everybody entertained and engaged for a long period of time while also getting that good competitive spirit out that we all somehow manage to hide within ourselves! The traditional card games were said to come into being in the 16th century and ever since then they’ve only been a boom for all of us. Whether it be a short break, a stress buster, a fun time, or whatever, these card games prove to be the best option. Gradually these games gained a lot of mass appeal and popularity all over India. From being just in the traditional form to now moving into the digital world, they’ve come a long way.

Here are 5 such traditional Indian card games that have gained huge popularity all over India.

1. Rummy

A game that needs no introduction is Rummy. It has been around for over centuries and is played by millions of people. The online rummy game is a traditional card game and the popularity it gained has only been increasing ever since. Now it not just is a traditional card game but also stemmed out into the online digital world which makes it accessible and playable anytime and anywhere in the world. Based on skills, Indian rummy enables players to make use of their analytical, mathematical, interpersonal, and development skills all in one place. Play rummy online and put your skills to the test as it will only hone them. Oh yes, it also acts as a great stress buster; Hectic work, busy schedules, tedious days, and more- play rummy and get away from all the unwanted stress you’re overburdened with. No wonder this card game is only rising in popularity all over India (and the world to be precise). Rummy can be played with 2-6 players using two card decks. The aim here is to make pure sets and sequences, pick and discard cards and make valid declarations to win.

2. Twenty-Eight

Eight is always synonymous with infinity as the sign symbolizes that. Wondering why we’re saying this here? That’s because the game Twenty-Eight is like that; it keeps the players in a loop and tricks them as the game progresses. This is yet another very popular card game that is played by four players using 32 cards! Two teams are made which have two players each in either of them. Players ensure codes with which they will try to garner more tricks to win the game and gain points for their respective teams. Explaining the entire rules and playing order of the game might end up confusing you because you need to try it out firsthand to get a hang of it. Trust us, it’s going to become your favorite card game too.

3. Poker

Unlike many other card games, Poker is the perfect choice to make when deciding which card game to play with friends. It has everything you’re looking for in a game. The rise in card game popularity is mainly because it is a societal activity, which means, it can be played with anybody and everybody- it brings everybody together to bond over a game! Isn’t that interesting? Get your pals together and challenge them for a tournament or play a tournament with them as poker offers it all. The difference between Poker and rummy cash games is that rummy is purely a skill-based game whereas poker has both luck and skill. It also requires players to study and estimate their opponent’s hand to make informed decisions, risks, and bluffs.

4. Teen Patti

Originated from the Subcontinent of India, Teen Patti is a card game that has garnered popularity all over India and mainly in South Asia. Played, loved, and adored by the people who’ve played the game, Teen Patti has seen a spike in popularity ever since its inception. Yes, it does have some influence from Poker and online rummy cash games in certain regions of India, it is also known as Flush or Flash.! The popularity is because it is a household game and can be played and enjoyed by friends and family during getting together and gatherings. The intriguing and skill set required in the game is what keeps the players on their toes throughout the game session. Winning is highly compelling as strategy and strategy moves are a must. If you haven’t tried playing this as yet, then you’re missing out on some thrill and exciting stuff.

5. Satte pe Satta

No matter how many card cards get added to the list, Satte pe Satta shall be a cult favourite. It is also known to many as 7-on-7. This traditional card game is played by many audiences as it gets the players hooked on to it really quickly. So much so that it has managed to rank at number 3 with its rising popularity and the only reason being is that this game can be played by many players. And in case the plates playing it are way too many then all you must do is add another deck to the pile and start the game of fun and skill. The motive and objective over here are to discard your cards as quickly as possible but remember to place them down in order to keep your next card in mind. It sounds simple but does require a lot of strategy and skill because you must get your cards discarded first but stop your opponent from doing the same. Download rummy app and check it out for yourselves.

Here’s a little fun fact that we’re sure most of y’all aren’t aware of. The game Satte pe Satta gained so much popularity and the limelight that the Bollywood movie was named after it.

Most of us are already aware and are ardent players as well of the above-mentioned games. For those of you who are still setting foot into the gaming world and looking out for the best options regarding cards games then you now know which ones to try and play.


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