Traffic Chaos Due to Kharar Flyover Work Gives Tough Time to Commuters

Kharar Flyover work near Chandigarh City has been catching our eyes since the times the project was announced. With an aim to connect Sector 39 of Chandigarh with Kharar City of Mohali District in Punjab, a flyover was proposed over the existing road network to aid the demand of the present times. Commuters found a hard time to reach their destinations en route Kharar or vice-versa for which the Kharar Flyover plan was proposed and the execution of work after designing and concept finalisation began last December’16.

Chaos at the Kharar Flyover Site

Bearing the brunt of the ongoing construction work at the site of the flyover, residents have a hard time in commuting. The traffic chaos amidst all the flyover laying work leads to massive jams for long hours for daily commuters of the route. National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) even had issued approximately 800 notices to sites the previous year on the pretext of acquiring and for the same project. Inviting wrath of many locals followed by severe protests against the move, NHAI ended up acquiring around 50 hectares of residential and commercial lands apart from 3 hectares of forest land for the execution of the project.

Salient Features of the Kharar Flyover project

The flyover project needs a lot of thoughtful calculations to be done prior to execution in terms of repercussions it is going to have in short term and long term for the general public for whose welfare these projects are proposed. Salient and key features of the project are listed as follows that might well reason the chaos that happens daily:

  • It is the longest stretch in terms of flyover that is designed in the city
  • The stretch is about 10.18 km in length from Sector 39, Chandigarh to Kharar
  • The construction on NH 21 is based on four-lane flyover concept connecting Manali & Chandigarh
  • The termination point being at Khanpur T-point in Kharar
  • The estimated traffic volume to ply on the route to be 40,000 on a daily basis
  • The first phase of the project to undergo redesign per protests held by localities
  • The second phase to have 30-metre wide broad road between Kharar and Sector 39, Chandigarh
  • The road width to be gradually increased from 30 meters to 45 meters to accommodate traffic influx
  • Estimated cost incurred in the project to be around INR 408.28 crores
  • The flyover to rest on 1 pillar unlike the Zirakpur one, resting on two
  • The design to accommodate smooth traffic flow in the region post completion

No sooner than the project execution began, residents suffered a hard time. Even though in the planning and scheduling stage, constant interference and protests by antagonist localities pose issues. The tax payers money should not go down the drain and to take that into account, the execution and design gets finalised.

Its on account of these hassles that delays happen. But once the completion of the Kharar flyover masterplan, none shall bother to acknowledge the efforts of the government. Suffering so much criticism and yet delivering for common good, Hats off to the people working day and night in summers for our ease of commutation. Let’s be patient and go through the chaos for some time to savour the fruits of the labour at a later stage.

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