E-Challan for Traffic Violators in Chandigarh | UT Traffic Challan System to go Digital

Traffic violators in Chandigarh will start getting e-challans from the beginning of next year. As per the report, a state-level road safety committee has decided to introduce an e-challan system in Chandigarh for the traffic violators. The move is aimed at curbing the traffic offences in the city beautiful. It has been reported that from early next year the Chandigarh traffic policemen will get hand-held devices. These devices will be used for issuing e-ticket to the traffic violators.

E-Challan for Traffic Violators in Chandigarh

Chandigarh traffic police will soon introduce the e-challan procedure to challan the traffic violators in Chandigarh. The traffic cops will be issued devices to issue challan receipts to the traffic violators in Chandigarh. As per the report, each e-challaning device will be connected to the traffic police server and also to the server of the licensing and registration authority. The traffic ticket will not only carry all the details of traffic rule offender but will carry the previous offences as well.

Aim behind introducing e-challan in Chandigarh for traffic violators 

As per the report, hand-held devices will be given to the Chandigarh traffic police personnel to issue e-ticket to the traffic violators. Each device will be connected to the Chandigarh RLA (Registration and licensing authority) and traffic police server. Previous offences will also be mentioned on the traffic ticket. It has also been reported that the state-level road safety committee besides introducing the e-challan system for the traffic violators, also pondered upon a system to award penalty points to the drivers.

The system will not only curb the traffic violation but will also assist in keeping a tab on pollution. Vehicle-testing centres in Chandigarh will be asked to upload customers’ data online to get the details about the vehicle. It is likely that the system will be connected to the state transport authority (STA) to strengthen the e-challan procedure in Chandigarh.

Vehicle density in Chandigarh the highest in India

With the highest vehicle density in the country, Chandigarh’s air quality has depleted in past few years. As per the report, an average family in Chandigarh owns more than two cars. Emissions from such a huge number of vehicles have worsened the air quality in the UT. Though the forest cover has increased in Chandigarh but it is not at par with the increasing number of vehicles in the city.

Source: Times of India


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