Traffic Police Cops in Ludhiana To Wear Body Cameras to Record Interactions

Ludhiana Traffic Police take up more stern ways to mind the traffic and put the violators straight. Traffic Police will now be adding a body camera on their uniform that will also record the conversations. This measure by the Punjab Police will ensure that people adhere to traffic norms more wisely. Drunk driving, traffic rules violation and misbehavior are the main problems that Ludhiana traffic police has been facing for long and it was now high time to come up with a solution.

A First-of-Its Kind Initiative

The Punjab Police has taken up this kind of initiative for the first time ever. Main reason being the constant chain of complaints by the residents and traffic police on bad behavior or misconduct. The locals of Ludhiana often complain the Higher Police officials for the bad behavior of the traffic police. While the traffic police complains about the abuse and misconduct by the violators who are stopped by the police in Ludhiana during the night time for being highly intoxicated.

That is why the Ludhiana police has decided to come up with a strong solution like wearing body cameras and recording the conversations while issuing challans and checking violators documents.

Getting The Ludhiana Traffic Police Ready

The Ludhiana Police is right now training the traffic police officers on this new traffic norm upgradation. Till now only seven cameras have been brought and more will be purchased in the upcoming time.

The cameras would be used randomly meanwhile, especially during night hours at different traffic junctions in Ludhiana city.

The police will maintain a regular record of the daily usage of the cameras.

The cameras will not be hidden away from the public eye and would be informed before hand after being stopped for checking by the police so that both the police and public behave in an appropriate manner.

Source- HT

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