Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Stop At A Police Naka In Chandigarh

If you are from Chandigarh, you might be well versed with a phrase called “Chandigarh Traffic Police”. And it is obvious that you might have seen police nakas a lot many times around the city. Being good citizens we always stop at such check points, but some people are in a hurry or maybe in a haste that they try to escape the naka by speeding past it.

No, we are not talking about wireless signals these cops send to other points and we are also not talking about Chandigarh traffic police bike or PCR chase to challan you. It is something more than that and here’s a perfect example of what might happen if you try to speed up at a police naka in Chandigarh.

A True Incident | What Happened And Where:

A Khuda Lahora resident named Sukhjit Singh was driving his car in Chandigarh and he was not wearing a seat belt. Chandigarh Traffic police officials saw him and signalled him to stop. Despite the signal by Chandigarh traffic police cops, he did not stop and tried to fled the spot by speeding up.

A Lady Head Constable who was on duty at the spot tried to stop him and actually got hit by his car. The Lady Constable is named Nikky and this incident took place near sector 19/20 dividing road. The Lady constable suffered from multiple injuries followed by unconsciousness due to this incident. The case was reported to the police and it went to Chandigarh jurisdiction. After about a year, strict actions have finally been taken against the accused.

The incident happened on December 30, 2015 and after about a year, here’s what decision has been taken.

Actions Taken against the person who sped away from Naka

  • The accused was imposed with a fine of Rs. 4000 initially.
  • A local court sentenced the accused to a three & a half years long and a hard imprisonment for his crime.
  • He is sentenced to various sections under the law for voluntarily causing harm to a public servant on duty, criminal force to dissuade a public servant from his/her duty & an attempt to commit culpable homicide.

What Next?

Chandigarh Traffic Police has made an appeal to the Government to book people for drunk driving, cancel their driving license for 3 months and send them to jail.

So in case you are signalled to stop at a naka, do not think about speeding away. It might put you into trouble.

Source: Hindustan Times


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