Trains Delayed at the Chandigarh Railway Station Due to Fog | Foggy Days Are Back

The arrival of as many as eight trains was delayed at the Chandigarh railway station due to fog. As per the report, fog will further hit the train services connecting Chandigarh with other cities. Dibrugarh Express, one of the long-route trains that halts at Chandigarh railway station, was delayed by close to 12 hours. Other trains were reported to be running late by more than three hours.

Trains Delayed at the Chandigarh Railway Station due to Fog

As per the report, as many as eight trains reached late from their scheduled arrival at the Chandigarh railway station due to fog. While one of the long-route trains, Dibrugarh Express, was delayed by 11 hours and 54 minutes, other trains were also running late than their scheduled arrival time by more than three hours. It was reported that fog will further hit train services connecting Chandigarh with other cities.

As per Chandigarh railway station officials, Northern Railway has given instructions to the concerned departments to make arrangements for the approaching foggy days. Currently, not many trains are getting affected due to fog or smog in the periphery of Chandigarh Railway station but there are chances that trains might get delayed due to the foggy days ahead. As per the report, few weeks back, in the month of October, the Shatabdi Express departed from Delhi more than five hours late than the scheduled departure.

Forecast from the weather department and Indian meteorological department 

Mist, fog and haze have been predicted during the week by the weather department and Indian meteorological department (IMD). As per the department, the sky will be mostly clear post-morning till November 9. There are chances of fog and mist on November 10 and 11.

According to the weekly weather report, the IMD (Indian meteorological department) analysis hint there was moderate to dense fog over Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana at isolated places over the weekend. The IMD (Indian meteorological department) has also stated that shallow to moderate fog at isolated places over Haryana and Chandigarh till November 10 is possible in the morning.

Dust hanging over Zirakpur and surrounding areas of Chandigarh

More dust is hanging over Zirakpur and the other areas in the periphery of Chandigarh. As per the report, the visibility in the area is lower as compared to the visibility in the city. Average visibility in Chandigarh has been reported to be around 1,500 metres at present. Though the temperature in the city has not seen much difference but it remains above normal, especially at night.

Source: Times of India


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