A Wasteland in Sector 43 Has Been Transformed Into an Organic Farm & It’s an Amazing Concept

In a one of its kind initiative, a Chandigarh based startup “Trestor” has transformed a wasteland in Sector 43 (which was nothing more than a dumping yard) into a full fledged organic farm. What started as an experiment has now become the talk of the town. The idea was to utilize a wasteland and produce something useful for city residents. Instead of developing a park or a garden, Trestor thought about transforming the area into an organic farm that runs on technology & serves people with 100% organic fresh fruits & vegetables.

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This organic farm that has been developed in Sector 43 of Chandigarh is a result of incredible hard work by Trestor. It all started when 2 major problems were identified by Trestor team and they came up with an experimental approach to solve them. These 2 problems were:

  1. Waste being dumped at open areas in Chandigarh.
  2. The fruits & vegetables that we eat, contain pesticides, carcinogen and other chemicals which can cause cancer and various other health problems.

On a mission to solve both these problems, Trestor developed an advanced organic farm where plants have the ability to talk to people through a mobile app. You might think that it’s not possible, but it’s actually true. Here’s how the entire project was initiated and managed:

  • trestor-growA dump land was selected in sector 43 and was cleaned up for the experiment.
  • The land was turned into organic farm with the help of Trestor’s Organic Farm in a Box concept.
  • Each box was given to a family residing in the area and they took care of their respective farm with the help of a mobile app.
  • Within just few days, each farm acted as an organic kitchen garden for the family with an excellent vegetable & fruit produce.

Trestor has developed a device in such a way that it will automatically notify about its requirements. The plants notify the farm owner when they require water, sunlight, manure or any other essential thing. Drip irrigation technique is used in order to save water.

The experiment has been so successful that the entire nation wants to follow this superb example. Moreover, managing this organic garden is so easy and simple that you’ll actually start calling your plants as your friends. This time again it is Chandigarh that has come up with such a wonderful technology and made the entire nation proud.

We suggest everyone to try this healthy idea of organic farm in a box that will provide you with pure and organic food.


Ajay Deep

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