Tutda Hi Jaave (Ninja) – Channa Mereya Movie Song | Official Video

Ninja is back with his heart rendering song ‘Tutda hi Jaave‘ from his debut movie Channa Mereya which is set to hit the silver screen this July. The song falls under the category of sad song and is being appreciated for the beautiful location and cinematography besides the words woven together to create an amazing and soul touching effect. Penned by Kumaar, the song depicts the break-up/ separation of the love birds.

Tutda hi Jave РNinja (Channa Mereya)

The song may portray a different connotation altogether as per the situation in the movie but as depicted in the released song a conversation between the two (the boy and the girl who appear girl friend, boy friend) end up in a tiff that bring tears to the girl’s eyes and she is seen leaving the place weeping. The song opens in the backdrop of beautiful snow-clad mountains wherein the boy (singer and actor himself) rushes to stop his beloved from leaving the place. But till the time he could come to this decision, the girl had already left the spot and here begins his search for his love…

The first para opens with the couplet ”Jinna main manawan, oh rusda hi jaave, hasna main chaawaan onna oh ruaawe…” (The more I try and convince you, the situation worsens and it annoys you more, I try to laugh but all you give me is tears).

Tutda Hi Jaave- Channa Mereya

Song Title: Tutda Hi Jaave

Singer: Ninja

Music By: Goldboy

Lyrics By: Kumaar

Music Label: White Hill Music

It seems the boy is helpless in bringing the situation under control. In the closing couplet ‘tuttda hi jaawe, tuttda hi jaawe, tuttey hoye dil nu kaun dhadkawe?’ (There is nothing that could stop this heart-break and it seems now no one will be able to make this broken heart beat again). The boy, who is running in every nook and corner of the valley to find his beloved, finds himself lost without her.


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