Two Drug Peddlers Arrested in Chandigarh With Heroine

Chandigarh Police Officials have arrested two drug peddlers from the city spreading the menace on Tuesday. Caught red-handed in the broad day light, the incident came to light when the smugglers were on their routine activities in Sector 45, Chandigarh. Chandigarh city recently has been converted into a hub for many smugglers who cross the city to smuggle narcotic drugs to operate at an inter-state level. Being an interface of Punjab and Haryana borders, the city has turned out to be the most sought after place to crack deals.

About the Drug Peddlers

Identified as Vikas who is a resident of the Chandigarh city and Sonu Goyal, hailing from of Mohali city of Punjab, the drug peddlers were operating within the tricity spreading the menace.  Being residents of tricity, the local support generated by them is a big issue that has been curbed now post the arrests made. There is no such threat that could surface and spread its wings without any local support. Providing that aid to many, the evil had spread like plague in the entire region.

About the Arrests

The arrests were made on the dividing road of Sector 44 and Sector 45 Chandigarh, which is 5 minutes drive away from the mohali city of Punjab. It is saddening to note that one of the posh sectors of Chandigarh, Sector 44, was engulfed by the threat too. Wonder what other areas which do not catch attention of the people and even police must be in store for us, More shock may be.

Highlights of the Incident

Post the arrests, interrogation was carried out extensively. Post the frisking operation, following amounts of narcotic drugs hazardous to lives on many innocents were seized by the officials.

  • 25.14 grams of Heroine was recovered from Vikas
  • 10.14 grams of Heroine seized from Sonu Goyal
  • Arrests made in broad day light
  • Local support curbed that aided the drug peddling menace
  • A case registered under The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985
  • Interrogation post the arrest continues

Taking such unscrupulous elements of the society into custody, Chandigarh police officials have done a commendable job in nabbing the culprits. This is a major success for the officials who have nipped the evil in the bud itself before it could bloom into a deadly being.

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