Two Fire Incidents in Chandigarh | Timely Action Saved Lives of Many

Chandigarh is witnessing soaring temperature during day time that it feels like the city is already on fire. Lately, two fire incidents took place in Chandigarh that emerged the situation of an emergency but the timely action taken by the UT Municipal Corporation saved the lives of many.

Where did the first fire break out in Chandigarh

The first fire broke out in a wooden material stored godown near the Railway Bridge, adjoining Mauli Jagran, Chandigarh at around 11 am. The godown workers called the Municipal Corporation’s Fire Station after which two fire tenders had reached the spot and managed to douse fire in about half an hour. Luckily, there were no casualties but the electrical like fans, coolers, and others got destroyed in the fire. The reason for fire is still unknown.

Second place where fire started in Chandigarh

The second place where the fire broke out in Chandigarh on the same day was at the industrial area traffic light in Sector 26. The grass and dried leaves caught fire here. On learning that fire broke out, people called the fire station that came to rescue within a few minutes. No one got injured due to fire as the fire tenders doused the flames within 15 minutes.

Why such fire incidents take place and how to stop sudden fires 

The incident of dry leaves catching fire is common during very hot summers season. Remember, last year when the majority of Himachal Pradesh’s and Uttarakhand’s flora and fauna got destroyed by the fire that started due to unknown reasons. During summer season, people should keep the below-listed things in mind, that can lead to such fatal accidents-

  • Don’t light the fire in or near the jungle area.
  • Make sure you extinguish your lighted cigarettes and campfires before leaving the place that has dried leaves or paper or plastic around as these catch fire very easily.
  • Keep an eye on notorious people who use lenses under the sun just to see whether the object beneath will catch fire or not. It may be a fun task for a few but may become fatal for others.
  • Discourage farmers to stop paddy straw and wheat stubble burning on their fields.
  • Keep a check on loose hanging wires that are running across the fields and jungle areas as it can lead to sparking and a major fire.


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