Types of Business Signage Every Retailer Must Consider

For your business to get noticed, it should have business signage. Retail companies that invest in business signage are more likely to attract customers and boost their sales. It’s because quality signage is one of the most convenient and effective ways to communicate with your target market and draw in foot traffic.

However, you must see to it that your signage is done correctly to avoid misinformation and confusion among your prospective customers. It should also be well-designed and made with durable materials.

What Makes an Effective Retail Signage?

Just think about signs as your salespeople. Signs are perhaps the very first thing that your customers notice while going around your store, and they provide information to your customers in the easiest way possible.

Every business laid out standards as to the appearance and conduct of their staff and employees. And it’s much like the same with the requirement for quality business signage. You also need to set standards for the appearance, quality, visibility, messaging, and design of your signage.

For you to achieve that goal, it’s crucial to know these essential tips for developing your business signage.

  • Simple: You don’t need to have too much information in your business sign. What’s more important is the clarity of the message. Keep in mind that as long as anyone can understand the themes and meaning of the sign in just a few seconds, it’s good to go.
  • Specific: A sign can convey the necessary message when you apply the concept called narrowcasting. When you start with the design process, it’s essential to go with the specifics, such as specific and relevant product information or instructions.
  • Headline: A headline helps your aim to be concise and straightforward in designing your business sign. A headline should capture what you’re trying to convey to people. It should support the explanatory text and the call to action.
  • Call to Action: As your sign is a form of advertising, you must not forget to include something in it that urges the customer to do something.

Now that you know the tips for making an effective business sign, it’s time that you know the different types of business signage.

Exterior Signage

Exterior signage is what by-passers first notice before entering your store or business establishment. If you believe in making a first good impression, you should put importance on your exterior signage.

Of course, your exterior signage should do more than tell people who you are as a brand. It must also attract potential customers and cause them to be interested in what you’re offering. Awnings, entrance signs, sidewalk signs, and window signs are good examples of exterior signage. It can also take the form of a rusted metal business signage design with your company logo or slogan in it.  

Informational Signage

Also known as wayfinding, directional, departmental, or organizational signage, informational signs allow convenience for customers in navigating your business establishment. The experience of convenience on the part of customers may cause them to see your business as customer-friendly.

This type of signage needs to be clear and easy to read so that your customers can get the message right away without any fuss. It’s advisable to use large, bold fonts to achieve its purpose.

Informational signage also puts your store in an orderly fashion, which, in turn, gives your business a plus point from your customers. Every retailer should also consider retail outsourcing services. Visit this website for more information.

Persuasive Signage

This type of signage gets your target audience to do something through a convincing message or appealing imagery. Persuasive signs are used for promoting exclusive deals, discounts, or new products. It can influence consumer behavior, thus increasing your sales.

Applying persuasive language in your business sign allows you to communicate more effectively with your target audience. It boosts brand awareness and provides higher value for your products. For you to achieve these feats, you should ensure that your signage is witty and attention-grabbing.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant Signage

It’s essential that you make all people feel welcome to your store or business establishment. By making entrances, parking lots, elevators, restrooms, fitting rooms, and cashier stations conveniently accessible to your differently-abled customers, you already provide them with some helpful assistance in navigating your business premises.

ADA compliant signage can do that service to your differently-abled customers. For instance, you can put up a sign letting these customers know that they can ask an employee to help them get something or bring a ramp to enter your store.

Indoor signs directing the way to entrances, exits, elevators, or restrooms should also have tactile characters in readable fonts and contrasting colors. These signs should also be put up at specific heights for easy access from these customers.


Signage is essential to any business because it helps communicate the message of a brand, provides information to customers, persuades customers to buy the products, and boosts sales. For business owners out there, it’s crucial to know the different types of business signage. Reading the information above is a great start for that purpose.


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