Types of Lehenga Cholis for Traditional Parties

India has many traditional ceremonies that you need to look splendid in while attending them.  As everyone wants to stand out in their mode of dressing and look the part on many occasions. There are many designs and style options for these traditional ceremonies that you can choose from. However, looking stylish and maintaining the same standards in every event you attend is quite a challenge for most women. There is diverse ethnic, modern and fusion dressing that you can find in India. Plus, the Lehenga choli is a statement dress for Indian women in most of these traditional events. Hence, dressing in the Lehengais best with its various ways to style it with colors and embellishment designs. The Lehenga choli is easily dry cleaned and most are made of linen making it a strong outfit to have that will last you for a long time. Here are some types of Lehenga cholis that you can choose for traditional parties.

The basic party wear Lehenga choli

One of the most basic colors for a Lehenga choli is pink and most girls love it. You can choose one is silk fabric for both the Lehenga and choli. And ask your designer to add some special work in the middle and around the borders to give it some shining element. This is one of the popular choices for girls and women not only in India but globally. It is an outfit you can wear for all types of traditional events and it favors the slim body type. However, with a different fabric other body types can dress to this look. Accessorize with some shining jewelry and add a dupatta to add the extra charm to it.

The royal red party wear Lehenga choli 

The red color is always a win for big traditional events in India. It is also considered as a royal color for attending other events that are not necessarily traditional. Choose one made in an easy pattern of satin fabric. And add a net dupatta to match with the simple pattern and to give it a unique twist. This look gives your personality a boost and you can buy this outfit online through the crop top Lehenga buy online sites and check the many options. Ensure you accessorize with this look in some gold jewelry to give you the perfect traditional party look.

The embroidered party wear Lehenga choli

Any embroidered Lehenga choli is an outfit that is on-demand for most weddings. For a fresh look invest in the Malabari silk fabric that has a special hand-made embroidered work. Also, it is not only limited to traditional wedding events but other festivities as well. Choose one of the colors that stand out in embroidery like, red, pink and marron among others. Embroidered lehengas fit all body types and a multicolored blouse is the best match with and a net dupatta of a similar shade.

Designer party wears Lehenga choli

This ensemble is always a good choice to adorn to in a traditional ceremony due to its beautiful design. The unique pattern and new techniques that it has of the design make it a beautiful ensemble. The whole Lehenga choli is of the same color and made of linen fabric makes perfect attire for a bridal look. The most common color for this look is red and to have it look all glam dry clean it once in a while. This choice is perfect if you are in need of a ready-made attire and those that want a minimalist look.

The maroon Lehenga choli

Although most women judge the maroon color in that it looks dull and boring. Those that have adorned to it can attest to the shine and look that it gives you that is unique from other colors. Go for velvet fabrics for the Lehenga choli and a net dupatta to pair it with. Choose a simple design that flows from the blouse to the Lehenga and have it matched around the dupatta borders. Choose to wear this look to grand events and pair with beautiful maroon shoes for a matching fit. Have your hair in a simple bun in this outfit to give the dress all the attention it deserves.

The Georgette Lehenga choli

The beauty of the georgette Lehenga choli ensemble is every bride looks beautiful in it. Although there some brides that are not aware of this gorgeous Lehenga choli. The look is fashionable with extremely beautiful work around the border. It is best for a traditional engagement party and it is a graceful look for a party in your celebration. Choose a net dupatta to add on this beautiful Lehenga and for maintenance as you wash avoid high heat.

The Bollywood party wear Lehenga choli

This is one of the topmost considered wedding traditional wear. It is also the most sort of current look in the Indian market. This is for the brides that prefer to wear designer Lehenga suits alone. The fabric in this Lehenga look is satin and it is a perfect look for a grand traditional event like the Lehenga. This Lehenga is elegant and the bright look it has in any color is designed in is a plus. Enjoy this look in various fabrics and choose matching jewelry to match it perfectly.

In conclusion, there are many types of lehengas in the market that are still fit for traditional parties but the above are the most popular and stylish. Always remember to have other accessories that will keep your Lehenga in style. For instance, jewelry is a must-have with a Lehenga look no matter how simple it is. Choose footwear wisely. Not forgetting the hairstyle to match the attire and it can go from accessorized or a simple look with a flattering shiny pin. Ensure the fit and size is perfect for your Lehenga for ultimate comfort. Plus, choose one that gives you a fancy edge and makes you feel special.


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