Uber Starts with Bike taxi in Chandigarh

Uber has come up with Bike taxi service in the beautiful city-Chandigarh. The Uber bike taxi service will start at minimum fare of Rs. 20. Uber came up with the idea of Bike Taxi service before, and residents of city had varying views about this concept. Now, the service is rolled out and commuters can save their time by opting for Uber bike taxi service for their travel needs.

Uber started with their cab services in Chandigarh in 2014. Since then, the company is offering various deals like share rides, individula long distant rides, and many other services for their travelers.  Now, Uber Bike taxis has started ferrying passengers in Chandigarh.

Uber Bike taxi- Baxis in Chandigarh

Uber was thinking to roll out bike taxi service in the city as, residents of Chandigarh had mixed views regarding this concept. But finally, after taking all reviews in consideration, Uber has finally come up with bike taxi service for Chandigarh. Uber bike taxi service starts in Chandigarh at fare of just Rs. 20. Users of Uber app got the notification about the Uber bike taxi service on Saturday evening. Drivers must ensure that they have licenses to drive light motor vehicles (LMV).

What is a Uber Bike Taxi?

Bike taxi service is known as ‘Baxis’. These are already under operation in many cities of the country like Gurugram, Goa, Noida, Rajasthan, Gujrat and Ghaziabad. Company has come up with Bike Taxi Service at base fare of Rs. 15 in Chandigarh and Mohali.

Requirements for becoming Bike Riders with Uber- Bike taxi service will create employment for people who have license and two wheelers. All that is needed is the driving license to drive light motor vehicles (LMV) and, must have minimum driving experience of 2 years. Helmet for pillion rider will be provided and only one pillion rider is allowed on one bike taxi. The vehicle will have name and phone number of the driver painted on the bike.

Fare Details of Uber Bike Taxi service

Bike Taxi service by Uber, also known as Baxis has started in Chandigarh and Mohali. Now commuters can save their time by traveling through Uber bike taxi. Moreover, bike taxi service is pocket friendly medium of traveling.

The cab service company- Uber, has come up with fares for Uber Bike taxi service as follows:-

  • Base Fare- Rs. 3 per km
  • Minute charges- Rs. 1 per minute
  • Minimum fare of Rs. 20 will be charged.

Uber Bike Taxi not in Panchkula

The bike taxi service is not available for Panchkula as of now, but, the company will come up with services in Panchkula soon. Uber has fewer bikes as the start point of launching bike taxi service, but company will expand this service soon in the city Chandigarh.

Safety with Baxis

The passenger safety measures have been taken by the company, every baxis vehicle will be fitted with a GPRS system to track the movement of the two wheeler. Moreover, company will be required to set up 24hrs call centre. Every bike taxi will have first aid box as well.

Go and enjoy your ride of Uber Bike taxi.

Source: Hindustan Times


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