4,000 Uber Cabs go off Road in Chandigarh & the Reason is Somehow Valid

People working in and around Chandigarh faced a major hit back on Christmas after 4,500 drivers employed with UBER cabs decided to go on an indefinite strike.

Calling UBER fake, President of Taxi Welfare Association Mr. Rajesh said that UBER has been luring the youth of Chandigarh by boasting that drivers can earn up to 1 Lakh rupees if they get associated with UBER. Stating that it’s next to impossible, current drivers associated with UBER have stated that they won’t give up until their demands are met. They want no new car to be attached to the company as this is harnessing the number of rides the present drivers can complete.

Heavy on the Pockets of Chandigarh

In the fight between drivers and UBER, the commuters who used UBER as travel option faced a difficult time. Because of the ongoing strike, prices touched the sky and passengers who had no other option had to pay thrice the charges. Even for shorter distances, people had to pay a higher price.

Another difficulty was booking the cab, though as per the map, a number of rides were available, but because of the strikes, bookings were cancelled by the drivers themselves and companies recorded few absentees and late comers.

Why Indefinite Strike?

4500 drivers decided to take this drastic step due to several reasons, the main being association of new drivers every day. With OLA giving stiff competition, the drivers are anyway unable to complete the required number of drives. Now, with adding of new drivers, it seems a far-fetched reality. President stated that UBER has been advertising that if someone gets their own car and gets associated with UBER, they can earn over 1 lakh rupees. He said that these advertisements were nonsensical because in order to reach 1 lakh, a driver has to ride for almost 20 hours every day which is not a safe bet. Unions request the drivers to stop after 12 hours. Continuous rides increase fatigue and are quite tiring. Driving 20 hours a day will increase the number of accidents, thus, putting the life of the driver as well as passengers in danger.

Source: Hindustan Times


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