Uber India Launch ‘Driver Profile’ to Build Trust of Riders | Here’s How to Check

The taxi aggregator, Uber has launched their ‘Driver Profile’ in India just like Facebook for the safety of riders and to get back their trust on the brand and its services. Uber’s new feature of ‘Driver Profile’ will show the full details of the cab driver before booking a ride. This feature app of Uber cabs aims at rebuilding the trust between the passenger and the driver.

Uber India launches ‘Driver Profile’ for the riders

Uber has introduced their ‘Driver Profile’ for better travelling experience of their passengers and their safety. The driver profile will work on the similar lines of the Facebook, where a driving partner can make, edit and customise its profile anytime. The Uber Driver Profile can be accessed in any regional language across India. Uber’s driver profile will have a picture of the driver, his past records, how many rides he has made till date, feedbacks from other riders and more. The Driver Profile by Uber will enable passengers to write and leave a comment on the account of the cab driver based on their experience. Though Uber had introduced this feature of Driver Profile in the month of June, it will now be implemented across India. Apparently, the feature has a Driver Achievements section which will only get unlocked after earning different kinds of badges by the cab driver on the completion of 2 years with Uber or with 3,500 trips (5-star rating).

How will Uber Driver Profile help the riders

To see the Uber Driver Profile, the rider will have to tap on the name of the driver that appears while booking a cab. Via this app, riders can establish a greater level of trust with their chauffeur and will simultaneously motivate the drivers for rendering better services.

This is not the first time when Uber has introduced a new feature for its customers better experience and safety. Earlier also, Uber has come up safety feature for female riders, UberEats to order food while on a ride or an Uber Bike service. We hope Uber’s new feature of Driver Profile will be liked by one and all as this taxi aggregator is always on the go to come up with new things to make the experiences of their customers better and better.

Source: hindustantimes.com


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