This is what Censor Board wants from Udta Punjab Makers in order to Release the Movie

Amid all the controversies surrounding Udta Punjab’s release, here comes another one which has sparked a battle between Censor Board & Udta Punjab movie makers. Previously there were rumors that the movie might not even be released in Punjab, which were later declared as being ‘fake’ by the makers. A movie that revolves around the drug scenario in Punjab and depicts how the youth here is immersed in substance abuse, is set to release on June 17th. But we are still not sure.

The makers of the Bollywood film “Udta Punjab” are said to have been asked by the Revising Committee of the censor board to remove all references to Punjab. Instead of defaming Punjab by using its reference, the makers have been told to use some imaginary place. Doesn’t this seem like an impossible task considering the whole movie is based on Punjab!

Although the Censor board has done some calculations and brought the number of cuts down to 89! 89 cuts – a big number huhh! While the whole youth population is all enraged for barring the movie’s release, the government too might have to face the consequences. The elections are not far away! According to sources, SAD government does not want the movie to be released in Punjab as it might impact the upcoming elections. Congress & AAP are already targeting SAD for the increased drug menace in Punjab.

What Chandigarh Youth Says:

Check out some reactions of the youth of Chandigarh, that we got to collect; these are pretty insightful:

Arun Rathore
“The government says the movie will give rise to drug abuse in the state. I don’t understand how it will do so. It will only give an insight onto the matter. We will get to see the larger picture.”

“Udta Punjab is made for Punjab. It’s made for us, the youth. It will talk to us. Maybe even sway us away from Drugs. And isn’t it true that Punjab is the hub for druggists? Statistics show this. The reality will not erase itself even if you delete the whole reference to Punjab in the movie. The government should concentrate on controlling the drug mafia instead of banning movies!” said one on the conditions of anonymity.

Now, what say Censor Board? We really think that the youth of Punjab knows better!

Let’s see will Udta Punjab be released on the said date or not. There are chances that the movie might be banned or maybe the makers might have to postpone the release. Whatever, the consequences be, something is surely not right with the Censor Board as well as the Punjab Government.


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