UGC 2017 Update | Fully Online Degree Courses in India to Now Get Recognition by UGC

University Grants Commission i.e. UGC which is the higher education regulation and controlling authority in India to provide recognition to educational courses is all set to recognise the ‘Fully Online Degree courses in India’ soon. Ranging from Diploma to Degree to Post Graduation etc. in Education sector as well as notable contribution in conducting recruitment examinations like UGC NET to provide employment opportunities to graduates in Government sector, UGC is one such Commission in India which deals with planning, scheduling and executing all sorts of ‘Recognised Courses’ if done via ‘Affiliated Institutions’ at a pan-India level.

UGC Update in 2017: Online Courses

As of now, many online courses were available in India which provided a degree in various fields to the students and working professionals who aimed at “earning while learning.” By working alongside, a majority of Indian Students prefer to take up such courses which give them the freedom to do so. But, here’s a complete picture. Till 2017, UGC had never recognised any such online course available which were offered by various private Universities and institutions in India.

But, here’s a good news to all such aspirants who prefer to take up Online Courses to fetch degrees in their respective areas of interests while working for various firms to gain work experience and fund their own education. UGC is all set to do so and give a nod of affirmation to such courses available online offered by various institutions in India soon.

UGC to recognise Online Degree Courses

Here’s how UGC i.e. the University Grants Commission would recognise the Online Courses Available in India.

  • The Human Resource Department and Ministry has directed UGC to go forth with the move
  • The recognition to be based on various factors as drafted by UGC to be considered before affiliation
  • The Universities are also encouraged to launch such courses and draft rules and system to be reviewed by UGC
  • Till now students had ‘distant learning programmes’ as against ‘Online courses’
  • 20% of the course material to be put up online access to the enrolled candidates
  • E-tutorials to be made available online for concept clarity
  • UGC only to recognise University with NAAC 3.25 minimum score as given
  • Online course validates with ‘Aadhar Card’ enrolment criteria
  • Various programmes like counselling, fee payment etc. to be made online too

UGC 2017: Exclusion List

Not all such courses would be available online. Some courses indeed require practical exposure to justify the degree programme and they include Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy, Medical fields like Nursing, Dental etc, which are exceptional to the move. That is, such aforementioned courses won’t be available in the “Online Degree Course format “.

It is indeed a great boom that is coming up in the Education sector which would certainly revolutionise the entire “Education System” and the way it is perceived and valued in our Country.

Source: HT

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