UGC & AICTE To Blend Into One Body Named HEERA | Here’s All you Need to Know About This Big Reformation

The Government of India is going to make a huge transformation in its Education Department under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The University Grants Commission (UGC) and All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) are going to get dissolved and now there will now be one sole education director of India that will be known as the Higher Education Empowerment Regulation Agency or “HEERA”.

The replacement process of both the boards UGC and AICTE will not be initiated immediately apparently and bringing the two pieces of diamond to form one big solitaire (HEERA) will take some time.

The “HEERA” Legistation

The bringing up HEERA was decided by the experts during the UPA era in the the month of March but was never considered to be put into application. But the Government has recently decided to work on their decision to melt UGC and AICTE and form HEERA to act as a single regulator and bring synergy among all the educational institutions of the nation. The government of India is working at a handsome pace to bring HEERA to life and is taking the HEERA legislation sincerely. The premiere “think tank” of the NITI Aayog and the Human Resource Development Ministry is working over this new law as well.

The Pros of HEERA:

  • The HEERA reform will prove to be the most cleanest and most vast reform in the education system
  • The jurisdiction overlapping will be eliminated
  • It will unfasten the irrelevant regulatory provisions
  • Replacing multiple regulatory authorities with a streamlined one
  • The HEERA will form a proper institutional autonomy
  • The grey areas will be eliminated
  • Will put an end to the “Inspector Raj”, and
  • Harassment that UGC is highly associated with and blamed for
  • Will put the education practices in sync with the global ones.

Application of HEERA

It will take the top officials time to form the Higher Education Empowerment Regulation Agency, HEERA but to mark the beginning of the reformation the government will make amendments in the already existing rules and regulations. The HEERA promises to make the Indian education system as efficient as the global ones in the coming future. So it seems like it will take some more time to carve out this piece of HEERA but once it will get the right cuts and shape it will emit such striking ray of lights that will diminish all the darkness of poor educational system of our nation.

Source: EconomicTimes

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